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EnVyUs vs. Fnatic at ESL Predictions

Hi guys,

Thijs here doing a prediction. I will keep it short. This match is the first match to be played for ESL Barcelona. It is a best of 1 and the map is still on TBA. My advice : skip it! If you can bet after the map is chosen you can look into which map should favour who and bet on that team but otherwise a skip is recommend. This match can go either way. This teams played each other a lot of times and the outcome is always different. The best advice I could give you for this match is to go out there and watch it. This will be some top level cs and this is one of those matches you should not miss.

So again, skip it!

Good luck!

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 50:50 Fnatic

Should be a really exciting game and a really interesting game to watch between two of the best teams in the world. Fnatic for sure are the best side right now, and have been showing the kind of form that puts them in a league of their own. They are for sure still beatable, as Envy showed with their demolishing of them on Cache.

Envy are a hard side to know really what you are going to get from them. Some times they look really impressive, and other times kind of weak. One thing for sure is though they usually start slow at tournaments, often due to them having not practiced THAT much before an event. Still, their individual skill is really strong and this often shines through in matches.

Envy actually have a pretty decent record against fnatic,and with them currently having close to 40% odds, the most logical thing you can do right now is to go LOW on Envy. This will be a really tight game that could go either way, and this is not a safe bet at all. We are merely playing the odds here.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 50:50 Fnatic

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What an amazing match we’ve got here, two of the best teams in the world battling each other in an opening match of this tournament. The match is very interesting because fnatic are considered as the best team in the world and ENVYUS is arguably the second best team right now, ENVYUS won majority of their head to head matches against fnatic on pretty much all maps, although I believe most of the wins were at the time of fnatic’s massive slump, additionally, fnatic are usually better on lan events.

I’m not sure how does the veto system work in this tournament, the only one that would make sense is probably banning maps until there’s only one left, in this case I think fnatic would ban cache and mirage and train, while ENVYUS should remove inferno and overpass and dust2 since they were struggling on these lately, cobblestone would be the last map and I would actually favor fnatic here as it is one of their best maps, while ENVYUS are quite shaky on it.

Fnatic are my favorites and I just feel like they are better on majority of the maps which is great for this format, fnatic should have a slight edge here.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 45:55 Fnatic

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