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10:16 2 weeks ago
3 months ago

EnVyUs vs. Gambit at ELeague Predictions


First map of the day between these two and we find ourselves on Dust2. Now this is a map that historically Envy are quite good at, however with their recent slump in 2018 they are looking garbage on every map so that’s that. I do think that Envy still obviously understand how the map works and what not, and I do think that it is one of their better maps, and I’d favor them on it of course. For Gambit it is alright, but nothing special. Envy are the better team, without a doubt however it just depends which Envy comes up here. Will it be the Envy we’ve seen for the whole 2018 who just look nothing like their past themselves, or will they step up their game and use E-League as the stepping stone to a recovery before the major. This is also hard to predict because we haven’t seen much of Envy the past two months or so at all, so that’s not good, especially since they are slumping like crazy. Gambit are a team who always do horrible online, well like they have a good match here and there obviously, however overall speaking, online they are a lot worse than on LAN so this is worrying. Also historically Envy has a bad history when it comes to their first matches in LAN BO1’s, so I mean this isn’t looking like the greatest of matches to bet on but it is what it is. I just hope Gambit do not repeat one of their classic LAN performances where they just do really well out of nowhere, those are really annoying. Overall, 65-35 Envy.


5% Envy under 72%, otherwise 2% Gambit

My odds = 65-35 Envy

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Envy under 72%, otherwise 2% Gambit

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 65:35 Gambit

Option 2Bet Gambit if odds 28% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

So this time we have a best of one on dust2 and I’m sure ENVYUS feel very comfortable with the first map, they were always very good on it and it used to be their best map at some point, however ENVYUS were in quite a big slump lately, they lost a ton of matches they should have won and just played bad overall, but the recent ESL One Cologner major qualifier went very well for them, they destroyed Immortals, beat Splyce and Cloud9, but the only match they lost was actually against Gambit, it was cobblestone and it seemed like ENVYUS were trying out some of their new strats and didn’t really care about that match at all, even in the interviews their players said that they wanted to have some fun in that specific match.

Gambit also managed to qualify for the major, their run was way more impressive than ENVYUS’ though, Gambit also beat Gamers2 and Optic but lost a close map against FaZe, very impressive results, sadly that was the only good event they’ve had, their online matches went terribly wrong, two 0-2 losses against Orbit, 1-2 against Epsilon, 0-2 against Spirit and also barely beat team called CSatse, so they probably prepared for specific teams on the major qualifiers and that’s why they did good on that one event.

I honestly feel like ENVYUS should be taking this match quite easily, dust2 is their comfort zone and I don’t think Gambit are that good on this map.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 65:35 Gambit

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