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Quickshot Arena

Best Of 3
2015/12/18 19:30 UTC

Winner USSR
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Epiphany vs. USSR at Quickshot Arena Predictions

Epiphany actually won me some skins the last days, and have looked decent. They seem to be coming together as a side since they added hiffer, a player I actually know from when I played Cod4, he was a decent player in that game too, but has a slightly murky past with cheats. He does seem to be clean in CSGO however, and is a good fit for their roster.

USSR containing Polish players, I know that’s weird right? They have had some semi decent results. I judge not to count their underdog wins in the BO1’s, because that whole cup is shady, and weird results happen almost every game. The one match to judge their true skill from, is the game against OB, where they were stomped. I think of OB and Epiphany to be around the same level, so that tells us something. Also, ESC’s best map was Mirage, and some of these guys used to play with them a lot, and both their wins came on the same map. If Epiphany can stay away from that map, they have a good chance of taking this 2-0.

Overall I feel the odds are not the best for this game, and if it was BO1, I would recommend to go LOW/ICB on the underdog, but with the way Epip have been playing I feel pretty confident in them being able to take this. These lower tier games are really HIGH risk, so the safest idea is honestly to avoid it completely, but if you feel the need to bet, then LOW on Epip is the best bet.

My odds for this match: Epiphany 65:35 USSR

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Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between Epiphany and ex-USSR. It is a best of 3 and the maps are TBA. This match is the semi-final for the QuickShot Arena #19. There is not a lot of info on ex-USSR which makes it harder to predict.

Epiphany, an inconsistent team that is pretty consistent lately. They had some close games against different teams. Aligan, Piter and a lose against RCTIC on Cache (16-12). Overall i would say Epiphany are looking good but like i said before they can still be inconsistent. We saw ex-USSR play against nEophyte and Enso both on mirage and USSR won both. I think Mirage is a good map for them since they won with score lines of 16-9 and 16-11. ex-USSR also played onlineBots on cache and they got rekt 16-5.

Since there is not a lot of info on ex-USSR it is hard to predict them. However in a best of 3 against a team like Epiphany i don’t think it is likely for them to win it. ex-USSR might at least take a map but i don’t think they will beat Epiphany. For this match i would recommend going LOW on epiphany. We don’t really know what USSR is capable off and i would not risk to much on a match like this.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: Epiphany 65:35 USSR

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