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Epsilon vs. ATN at StarSeries Season 2 Predictions

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Arighty so going into this obviously Epsilon should be favored but not by too much I do not think. Both teams are looking good form wise, however Epsilon were in China playing a lot of Chinese teams so eh, who knows how that translates over to European opponents such as ATN. The thing about ATN is I think they can be a decent side, do not think they peak out as high as Epsilon but they can definitely upset them and have shown that in the past. With ATN you never quite know what sort of performance you will get form them and that is the disappointing part. ATN lost to Leisure a few days ago who played Epsilon yesterday and got quite unlucky, basically choked away wins two maps in a row lol so while obviously that isn’t by any means a direct indicator of how this series will go or anytihng like that, still something to keep in mind. In fact, last time these two did play ATN took it about a month ago. I am not quite sure if Epsilon have fully rested and are fully prepared for matches since coming back, didn’t look it vs Leisure however this is a somewhat important tournaments I’d say so I expect both teams to give it their most. I think that if a proper Epsilon shows up they should win, however an upset is by no means unlikely. 60-40 Epsilon. With ??ATN you just gotta cross your fingers and pray that their star players show up on the day really ?? ????


3% Epsilon under 67%, otherwise 3% ATN

My odds = 60-40 Epsilon

My risk = High

My bet =??3% Epsilon under 67%, otherwise 3% ATN

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Epsilon 60:40 ATN

Option 2Bet ATN if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

These two sides played recently in a game that ATN took in incredibly close fashion. I do still think that Epsilon are the better side, and when they are on their game, they are pushing higher T2. They are just inconsistent, and suffer from poor CT sides sometimes. They overly peak and it seems like if they have a fight, they have to take it. They usually rely on 1-2 of their players to go off, and this can change from game to game that unfortunately affects consistency. ATN are a hard side to determine where they are at. Sometimes they look really good and other times quite poor. Their form has been pretty mixed. Drawing with Tricked, losing to SS, and drawing to them is not any where near as good as Epsilon who have won all their recent games. Overall a 60-40 game in favour of Epsilon and this one could go either way.

My odds for this match: Epsilon 60:40 ATN

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Option 1Bet Epsilon if odds 62% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Epsilon are on fire right now, they’ve been doing improving so much lately it’s just insane, seems like their close matches against NiP on Dreamhack Summer motivated them to play more and hard work pays off so Epsilon are definitely on the top of tier 2 teams right now, recently they managed to win PGL 2018 where they dropped only a single map against CyberZen and managed to beat TyLoo, Born Of Fire, eFuture and Team X 3-0 in the finals, Epsilon also 2-0’d LeiSuRe in the WCA qualifiers two days ago, but that was quite close.

Alternate is also a great team but not as good as Epsilon and not nearly as consistent, still their results are pretty good as they managed to beat Spirit, Pride, LGR, eSuba, ANOX and actually beat Epsilon 2-1 a month ago, not the best results in the last few days though, 0-2 & 1-1 against Space Soldiers, Alternate also had few bad results like 1-1 against iNETKOXTV and dropped a map against LowLandLions, so not the most consistent with their results as I already mentioned.

Epsilon should be favored here and I believe they will win this match, but the fact that Alternate beat them last time makes me a bit affraid, either way I’d still go with a small bet on Epsilon due to their recent form, they are insane.

My odds for this match: Epsilon 65:35 ATN

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