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Epsilon vs. Epiphany at Uprise Champions Cup Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


Epsilon showed us yesterday why they’re still a team to watch out for. They looked extremely bad recently but did manage to take down nEohpyte in a BO3. Obviously, nEohpyte are having roster changes so it’s all chaotic there but it’s still a nice showing from Epsilon, means they’re on their road back to being ”themselves”. Epiphany have always been a solid top tier3 team and are really hard to beat. I don’t think any tier3 team managed to beat them in this form. Their most recent win was against AlienTech, Epiphany managed to win 16-1(!) on Dust2, it did get more close on Cobblestone (16-14) but that was mainly because of a bad T half. Epiphany are one of my favourite tier3 teams and I have high expectations from them going into this match.


Epiphany should win this. Epsilon are on their road back but they’re not there yet, at least not close to Epiphany. This league should definitely matter to Epiphany as well as the first place gets $25,000, the second place gets $10,000 and the 3rd place gets $2,500. This is a lot of money for tier3 teams so Epiphany will try their best to win this.


I wrote this 14 hours before the match started so I have no idea how the odds look now. If they get over 70% then simply skip. If they stay below 70% then you can go low on Epiphany and hope for a good match. They really should win it.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!

My odds for this match: Epsilon 35:65 Epiphany

Actually would of expected these odds to move more than they have done which leads me to make this prediction rather easy. Epiphany are a side I always feel are on the cusp of achieving more but always seem to just not quite make it. The same can be said from Epsilon who for me are a side that a lot of people underestimate but they do actually have some skill.

This is a BO1 match here and the map advantage for me has to go to Epiphany. Apart from Overpass which I expect them to remove, I would favour them on almost any of the other maps. If the game ends on D2, I would favour Epiphany who have shown before with the demolition of RCTIC 16-1 that they are a really strong D2 side. They will also hope for a Cobblestone, which used to be their home map, but I see Epsilon staying away from that completely.

Overall I feel like Epiphany have the stronger map pool and therefore the higher chance of taking this BO1. This is only one map though, and pistol rounds and side picks play heavily, and Epsilon are a decent team and if they can start on the right side and take the pistols, they have a good chance at taking this too. I would put the real odds at 60-40 in favour of Epiphany and would recommend going LOW on them if the odds stay as this.

My odds for this match: Epsilon 40:60 Epiphany

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