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Epsilon vs. HUE1 at WCA 2018 Predictions

A Swedish side I have honestly never heard of, except maybe one guy, phaai who I do believe I used to know from CoD4, up against the inconsistent Epsilon, with terrible odds. The players might well know each other, and that may give them an advantage. Looking around at the players on HUE1, most have played in the KoN cups, where they actually played with mokEn, who used to be in Epsilon, but they do seem to be pretty average. Overall, should be an easy game for Epsilon, but at odds like this with very little known, SKIP it is for me or throw some trash on the underdog.

My odds for this match: Epsilon 80:20 HUE1

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My initial idea was to max on Epsilon as I didn’t see a chance for HUE1 to win this match, I still don’t think they will as these noobs are not very good at this game and Epsilon are prepared better than ever, but the odds are way too bad to bet on Epsilon and well, HUE1 managed to beat a mix team of kajsk1ng and mikeS which is a decent result for such a noname team, but I don’t see them beating anyone else.

I guess it’s up to you whether you want to max on Epsilon and possibly get an overpay which is quite unlikely to happen, or just skip which is what I would recommend, I really don’t think Epsilon could lose two maps against an amateur team.

My odds for this match: Epsilon 80:20 HUE1

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