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Escape vs. DenDD at Rising Stars Predictions

DenDD change rosters more times than I change underwear. I honestly have no idea who is playing today for them and it makes predicting this one hard. Robiin was recently announced in another team so I am not sure if he will be playing today. On top of that, the boys in DenDD have barely any hours played the last two weeks, and I would actually be surprised if they even turned up to this. Escape are not the best side in the world, but in BARBAR and DeadFox, they have players who can take the game to the Swedes and dominate them. I would be really surprised if DenDD won 2 maps here, so my bet is on Escape.

My odds for this match: Escape 25:75 DenDD

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So apparently the matches were moved and Escape will face DenDD before their match against PRIDE, I honestly wanted to see them play against PRIDE before making my decision here, but oh well, guess I have no other choice. This is also a best of two just like the other match and Escape are the favorites so they are definitely happy about the match format, however DenDD is a team with an insane fragging power, especially with the addition of t3h f4rm3r, there’s also a played called pbD and I don’t really know him, apparently he replaced DUMAS, so far he’s been doing alright but I don’t see him as the “super star” of this team, and also regardless of DenDD’s insane fragging power, their results are quite disappointing and they’ve been losing a lot of matches against arguably weaker teams.

Escape, as I said in the other prediction they used to be great but currently they are on a losing streak of 7 maps in a row, they lost against Spirit, ArchAngels, TBA and MK so pretty good teams overall, but I still thought Escape would beat TBA and ArchAngels to say the least, other than that Escape were doing great and they started practicing a bit more recently by the look of things, so we should definitely expect them to perform better today.

This time I can actually see DenDD winning this 2-0, but I’d still rather go with Escape as they are the better team in this matchup, pretty sure we will see a draw, but Escape should have this if they are prepared.

My odds for this match: Escape 70:30 DenDD

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