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35 minutes ago

eUnited vs. NRG eSports Predictions

I’m going to write the same prediction for both matches because I’m pretty sure NRG will take both maps, although
I’m not too confident with them on overpass so that one could be tricky, but they did quite well previously on that map, so I believe they will do just fine here.

I still stick to what I’ve been saying for the last few weeks, eUnited is the worst team in Pro League and they are not very good as a team. eUnited is just a bunch of puggers with a pretty good aim, they somehow managed to win Immortals once, it was on overpass which is why I’m kinda scared that NRG could get upset too, I don’t think it will happen here as eUnited got wrecked in pretty much every other match they played, but it’s definitely possible.

NRG are not in the best shape either, they got wrecked by Immortals and Cloud9, managed to beat Selfless although it was way too close for comfort, and took a map off of Cloud9 which is a very good result these days. I’m not a big fan of NRG’s skill level right now, they used to be way better, although I believe that they will get better eventually, they’ve been bootcamping for like two weeks now, and we will definitely see better results in the near future.

To sum it up, I feel like mirage is an auto win for NRG, not too sure about overpass as I already mentioned, but they are still better than eUnited and will most likely win 2-0, so I’m betting medium on NRG on each map.

My odds for this match: eUnited 30:70 NRG

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So NRG have honestly looked trash lately. Actually, I take that back. That is an insult to trash. I have never seen a side do so many mistakes and lose so many poor rounds, appear to have such bad coms and 0 team work. Like really it blows my mind watching them how bad they are. Letting stewie in a 4v4 on overpass CT walk through YOUR WHOLE SPAWN and backstab all the guys on B is just numbing my brain to think about it. I would say NRG on paper are a whole lot better than eUnited, but honestly looking at the way NRG played lately, I would not bet on them. Perhaps they will get their act together now but at almost 4 odds on eUnited for a BO1, it does not really make logical sense to go on them. I do still think NRG will most likely take both maps, but I will throw some trash on eUnited and hope they can pull off one. Going on them to take at least 9 rounds is a good bet too.

My odds for this match: eUnited 35:65 NRG

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