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This is a really, really tricky one and honestly not the best of matches to bet on however it is what we have so we have to deal with it :/ I think that Exatus are the better team here, they have players that have been around for some time now, like Queztone and what not, everyone on that team has reached some sort of success. The Alpha guys are not bad either, not by any means, well, they are pretty bad but yeah, in comparison to Exatus they aren’t too shabby what so ever. I just think that the Exatus guys individually here are better, and the fact that they have Frozen, who is a 13 year old boy who is in EU FPL and dominates players like ScreaM, Xist, Get Right and what not, that is god damn impressive. There is rumors going around that he cheats, I haven’t seen any fishy clips, however could see it being jealousy because….the kid is 13 and he carries in FPL, that is something. This is a BO3 and winner gets 200$, divide that by 5, meh. I guess it is nice to get 40 bucks to win a game of CSGO, but like, each of them can make so much more if they just throw lol, and it is not like these players have huge careers in front of them or anything like that, not sure about Frozen since he is young, but the rest meh, I wouldn’t push my luck here honesty. I’ve to bet 30$ on Alpha here and I make more than 40$, like these guys could make so much more and who knows. If you are feeling risky, I think bet here, however if you want to be safe, honestly just skip this because it isn’t worth your time and money. Really close match and could just come down to who wants to lose harder. 60-40 Exatus


3% Exatus here under 67%, otherwise 3% Alpha. Only bet if you are willing to risk it since the odds aren’t the greatest nor is the matchup.

My odds = 60-40 Exatus

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Exatus here under 67%, otherwise 3% Alpha

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: eXtatus 60:40 Alpha

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