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FaZe vs. Astralis Predictions

I’m gonna start off with a reminder that betting on Astralis makes no sense these days, they are slumping and played like bots on Power-LAN, but I’m crazy so I’ll be betting on them here regardless.

I was looking forward to this match and honestly expected FaZe to beat favored due to Astralis’ performance over the last few weeks, but it seems like people know that dust2 is their playground and Astralis are slightly favored, the last two maps against Heroic and Tricked went really well, and even though FaZe are probably better than both on dust2, I still think Astralis should be favored due to their history and stuff, they also have to start winning Pro League matches if they want to qualify for the main event.

FaZe are also great on dust2, but they couldn’t practice for the last few days as aizy was standing in for dignitas at Power-LAN, I assume they went over some stuff and watched Astralis’ demos instead, but I don’t think it enough to be fully prepared, not saying they didn’t prepare at all, but I’m sure they would prefer to practice a bit more, beating Astralis on dust2 is not an easy task.

I’ll give Astralis one more chance here, might be the last, but let’s try.

My odds for this match: FaZe 45:55 Astralis

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Astralis have been in a pretty big slump recently. They have been slowing moving backwards and getting worse and worse. They are in the process of having another bootcamp to try and fix their issues which I hope will fix them. They need to change something. FaZe have been pretty up and down as well but seemed decent today in their game against SS. Their aim was on point and they looked like allu was fitting in well. Astralis pretty much always beat FaZe which makes me unsure about the bet here. As I always say D2, is the #1 upset map, and I will personally go LOW on FaZe for that map, and LOW on ast for Mirage, as I feel their chances to be higher of taking that one.

My odds for this match: FaZe 45:55 Astralis

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