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FaZe vs. TSM at ELeague Predictions

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Second map between these two and we find ourselves on Train. TSM have showed in NA that they once again are pretty good on the map, however while I wouldn’t say it is one of FaZe’s best, they definitely do not slack on Train and I’d still expect them to win here really. There is not much to break down, individually and even form wise right now FaZe are just looking a lot more hot compared to TSM and really should be winning matches like this. TSM has a standin of CadiaN instead of Twistz, and yes Cadian brings more experience and what not, however I do think that fragging is decreased, and that is something this team historically lacks, so not good. As long as FaZe turns up here and like TSM doesn’t get both pistols, then some clutches constantly going their way and what not, FaZe should take this. Do not think that this TSM roster is really ready to take on teams like FaZe, and while yes they did do good vs Fnatic on Cache yesterday, eh think that was quite fortunate. This is a BO1 however so be careful. None the less 80-20 FaZe.


8% FaZe here

My odds = 80-20 FaZe

My risk = Med

My bet = 8% FaZe

My advice = 8% FaZe

My odds for this match: FaZe 80:20 TSM

Once again gonna write the same prediction for both matches as I’m pretty sure that FaZe will take both.

So this is a pretty one sided matchup I’d say, FaZe is clearly the best tier 2 team at the moment and they’ve been doing a great job beating some of the best teams in the world, managed to beat teams like NiP, fnatic, Gamers2, and a couple of really strong tier 2 teams such as Gambit, FlipSid3, dignitas and more, the only one devastating loss FaZe had in a while was a 0-16 against fnatic on cobblestone yesterday, not that surprising knowing that FaZe just started practicing cobblestone, most of the time cobble was their first ban.

TSM is definitely one of the best teams in North America right now, with all the shuffles going on and stuff, but they couldn’t attend this event with the original lineup and had to replace Twistzz with cadiaN for ELEAGUE, even though cadiaN is a more experienced player I still think this is a downgrade, Twistzz was by far their best player and TSM’s fragging power is way weaker right now. TSM had decent results against North American teams overall, even managed to get 13 rounds against fnatic yesterday, but I don’t think they would do well against European teams with cadiaN.

FaZe is clearly a better team here and should be able to take both maps, I’d go with a small to medium bet on FaZe.

My odds for this match: FaZe 80:20 TSM

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The second map is Train here, which TSM actually have some good results on. FaZe are also comfortable on the map as they demonstrated by their narrow win over Gambit on it. In that game, their T side was actually better than their CT which is interesting. I do think that unfortunately, the TSM roster won’t have enough on their own T side to trouble FaZe, mainly due to them playing with a stand-in. I do favour FaZe heavily going into this one as TSM are considerably weaker with cadiaN playing instead of Twistz. The odds are not the best for a BO1, so either MED on FaZe here if you believe, or ICB on TSM if you feel the chance for an upset.

My odds for this match: FaZe 80:20 TSM

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