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wayLander Shara B1ad3 WorldEdit markeloff
stfN mikeS kRYSTAL loWel tahsiN

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FlipSid3 vs. PENTA Predictions

I’m feeling a double bet on PENTA today, looks like we’ll see overpass and nuke, so basically two decent maps for PENTA, honestly I have no idea why would FlipSid3 ever pick overpass here, they are 1-9 on that map (since the off-season ended) and even teams like NokSuKao and Tricked wrecked them on it, PENTA didn’t look all that good either but they managed to beat Heroic on it and that’s pretty big.

Nuke is basically the same story as overpass for FlipSid3, they just keep losing all of their matches on it, while PENTA did just fine, they beat Alternate, Euronics and barely lost 14-16 against Heroic. So it looks like PENTA should have an edge on both maps, especially because stfN stepped it up a lot recently, now loWel and stfN are doing all the work now. I’d go with two small bets on PENTA, keep in mind that both maps are extremely risky though.

My odds for this match: FSid3 45:55 Penta

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Oh my oh my. I am so so ready for Penta to have been getting all these super solid results vs Mouz, Astralis ,Na’Vi etc only to lose to Flipsid3, I am so ready, it happens all the time. Penta is the team that will beat or at least challenge these teams, as well you can evidently see it this week, however will also lose to the most unknown, lowertier team you have ever heard of, and that is how you sum up Penta, Flipsid3 can be applied in the same bracket too I feel, however Penta has bigger highs and lows compared to F3 I feel. I am not quite sure if right now is the best time to play F3 or worst seeing how they just replaced Shara with Electronic, which I mean is an upgrade, not a massive, jaw-dropping upgrade however upgrade none the less. The problem starts when you realize that F3 play a very advanced tactical system most of the time, so who knows how Electronic will fit in and what the atmosphere is like in the F3 camp. I do think that Penta right now should be winning however. As long as Penta can shut down WorldEdit and Markeloff, mainly WorldEdit, they should be fine here…however like I said before, this is Penta, don’t rely them to do anything that they should be able to do. I can see this splitting 1-1, however I am feeling a Penta 2-0 here seeing the maps and overall form. Overall, 55-45 Penta here. Should be close so be careful


3% Penta under 62% otherwise 3% F3

My odds = 55-45 Penta

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Penta under 62% otherwise 3% F3

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: FSid3 45:55 Penta

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