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Fnatic vs. Astralis at ECS Predictions


Ehm no thank you. Astralis just recently added, well two/three days ago added Kjaerbye in the place of CajunB, and while I do think this is an upgrade, I do think it will take some time for them to fully gel together obviously. He did play well versus FaZe however, but I’ve no idea what FaZe were doing there in that match. Fnatic beat Mouz 2-0 a few days ago, and once again I have no idea what Mouz were doing, they did have a standin however, and funnily enough statwise he was their 2nd best player behind Niko, what ChrisJ and Nex were doing I have no idea but clearly nothing useful. With Fnatic right now it is just so confusing, they are so up and down, and it is still Fnatic, you look at the core of that roster and you can never count them out, hence I am skipping this. I do think that Astralis should win, however given the situation these both teams are in right now, I will just rather sit back and put my skins on a more stable match than this. Advise doing the same here. 60-40 Astralis.


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My odds = 60-40 Astralis

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Fnatic 40:60 Astralis

These two teams played two maps against each other, the first map was very easy for Astralis as they won it 16-5, they also started with a huge advantage on the second map (train), Astralis won the first half 12-3, not to mention that it was on T side, it looked like an easy match but Astralis did what they do best, they choked… And that was one of the biggest chokes I have ever witnessed. Astralis also changed a player few days ago, they decided to cut cajunb and replace him with Kjaerbye, I’m not entirely sure if it was a good change since cajunb is a very experienced player and Kjaerbye is nowhere near him when it comes to experience and such, but I guess they had some issues and they had to do that.

fnatic are still playing without their best player and they just lose most of the matches, recently managed to win one against mousesports but mouz played with a stand in, so that’s not that impressive, other than that fnatic lost to G2 twice, got wrecked by NiP, and managed to beat teams like Liquid, dignitas and ENVYUS, not the best results but still fine.

I’m pretty sure Astralis will take this, however fnatic is still fnatic, they can beat any team even without olof, pretty risky but I’d say Astralis should be heavily favored regardless.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 65:35 Astralis

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Hard to call game because on the one hand we have a weakened fnatic, that have started to look a bit stronger lately, but still not even close to the level they were at, against the new astralis boys, with kjaerbye in their roster, who looked strong in their first game against FaZe. The key point to remember is this is a really important game for fnatic. They really need to win this game, and for astralis, they are already guaranteed a top 4 finish, and won’t care as much about this game. They still want to finish first but they have already stated they will be more relaxed. The maps are already out for this game, and they are interesting. Cobble being the 3rd map shows you astralis are trying to work on it as it was their default ban for a long time but this tells me they want to stay away from nuke. Overall though, if fnatic can get it to 3 maps, they have a good chance at taking it. That will be the hard bit, and although Mirage is not a great map for them, and Cache can be shaky from time to time, I expect 2 really close maps from these two, and at these odds, a really low fnatic bet makes sense.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 42:58 Astralis

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