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2018/08/25 17:00 UTC

Winner G2
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dennis KRIMZ JW olofmeister flusha
bodyy ScreaM RpK SmithZz shox

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Fnatic vs. G2 Esports Predictions

When I first saw this game, the sides and the maps I literally face palmed. It feels like to me pick one and hope for the best. I would say G2 are slightly favoured on D2 and fnatic perhaps a bit on Cache, but really both maps are good for both sides and both maps can go either way. It is hard to tell for G2 how much ‘back’ they are as they looked really poor until yesterday where shox was just a god. Fnatic we have not seen that much from, but pushed to a decent 2-0 win over mouz. Overall for me, this game feels really 50-50. Looking at fanobet, fnatic are the underdog on D2, and G2 slightly the underdog on cache. I will therefore go on both underdogs and see what happens.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 50:50 G2

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This time we have a harder matchup, luckily once again the map is way better for one team, Gamers2 have a great history on dust2 and they didn’t change any players during the off-season shuffle, while fnatic literally changed the entire lineup and they are basically a new team right now, they still did very well against mousesports and beat them on both maps, but it was also the first match for mousesports with oskar instead of nex, so I guess they also need some time, fnatic looked very good regardless.

Gamers2 destroyed HellRaisers and lost a close match against Na’Vi, they kinda struggled in the recent matches but their opponents were very strong and Gamers2 got unlucky with the maps, they played against teams like FaZe, Na’Vi and ENVYUS so it’s not surprising that they lost, I was hoping to see them win against ENVYUS on train but well, upsets happen. Either way, Gamers2 always perform well on dust2, I believe we will see them winning this match and a small bet on them definitely won’t hurt, not too sure about the second map though, but let’s not talk about it here.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 40:60 G2

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