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2018/08/30 17:00 UTC

Winner Fnatic
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dennis KRIMZ JW olofmeister flusha
queztone STYKO Zero oskar ANGE1

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Fnatic vs. HellRaisers Predictions

Fnatic against HR here on Cobble and Cache should be a good game. Cobble is not a map we have seen the new fnatic on recently but it was a really strong one for the old fnatic boys and a semi decent map for Godsent. It is not a map that HR play that often, but they have had some half decent results on it recently. Beating Gambit and Epsilon, being thrashed by Team X, having a close game against them again, and losing poorly to Godsent. The second map between these two is Cache, which is a map that really suits the fnatic boys. We have already seen them on this map and just how good they can be on it. I do favour fnatic for both maps, with the upset potential a little higher on Cobble than Cache, but in the results of HR, I do not see enough wins against T1 sides on either map to make me believe they can take one.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 70:30 HR

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So this is the first map for this double header and we’re starting off with cobblestone, which used to be fnatic’s best map before the shuffle, they still have olof and dennis who I believe were the best players on that map with the previous roster, I’m expecting them to play very well, however cobblestone is HellRaisers’ map in my opinion, they always try to pick either cobble or nuke and it’s been working out very well for them, so it’s getting a bit tricky now.

Initially I wanted to bet on fnatic, but I expected the odds to be a bit more even, right now it’s like 80-20 for fnatic which is obviously not accurate, should be either 55-45 or 60-40 at best, although I still think this match is a coin flip, sure the new fnatic is great and they already beat Gamers2 and mousesports, but the team is still fairly new, while HellRaisers played together for months.

That being said, HellRaisers is the obvious pick, so either bet low on them or skip to save your skins for better matches, I’d go with the first option though, the odds are just too good.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 50:50 HR

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