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Uprise Champions Cup

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FSid3 vs. Method at Uprise Champions Cup Predictions

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When you compare the hours on CSGO the past two weeks between these two teams, it’s scary. Flipsid3 have like 20~ hours average on CSGO the past two weeks, I mean I have more however they have been travelling and what not so it is understandable. Meanwhile, some of the Method guys have like 100 hours cranked up so that’s that, however obviously F3 should still win this one. BO3 between these two I could perhaps see Method snatch a map since they can be decent at times, however F3 should not give them much more here. F3 I’ve always said when they are firing on all cylinders, they are a scary, scary team to have to face and even versus Method they do not have to be at their 100% I feel. 80-20 F3


10% F3 under 85%, otherwise SKIP/ICB this

My odds = 80-20 F3

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% F3 under 85%, otherwise SKIP/ICB this

My advice = same as my bet

My odds for this match: FSid3 80:20 Method

Option 1Bet FSid3 if odds 85% or less

Medium (10%)

medium risk

Flipside, although not playing a lot of CS the last two weeks, are apparently not human. They don’t need to practice to play well, as they demonstrated perfectly well against Dignitas. They took a map off the Danish side, and there was a few twitchy moments on Inferno where they could have had a much closer map than it ended up being. They ended up losing, but still showed enough for me to believe they have what it takes to beat Method. Method are a side that can take the odd map here and there from decent sides, as they managed to do against AGG and RCTIC, but they have trouble closing a series out, and if they are not capable of doing so against sides of a lower level than that of FS, than I have a hard time believing they will be able to go one better in this game. Although the odds are not the best, MED on Fside seems to be the most logical choice here. If the odds go above 85-90% then I would personally just SKIP this game.

My odds for this match: FSid3 80:20 Method

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Option 2Skip


Don't waste skins on this match.

Two CIS teams facing eachother in a BO3 for UCC Season 4. We all know FlipSid3 are a top tier2 team and Method are just a low tier3 team, both teams haven’t had many wins past weeks but FlipSid3 obviously had the harder opponents with NiP, Dignitas and Mousesports. Method lost to teams such as NerdRage and RCTIC and that’s just not too good. Ever since Method added dERZIKIY they have been going downhill simply because this guy isn’t really a fragger and I’m not sure what his role is.

FlipSid3 should obviously be able to 2-0 here, they are the better team and more than likely to win here. It is a 40k prizepool and the only teams who might be able to compete vs. FlipSid3 in this league would be HellRaisers, SK and E-Frag so overall FlipSid3 have a really good chance at winning this league. I expect them to win this match fairly easily.

My odds for this match: FSid3 85:15 Method