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FSid3 vs. Renegades at ESL Predictions

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F3 are a strange side to understand. They have a really famous IGL in B1ad3 and seem to be really organised and prepared but then their manager apparently quit because they don’t care anymore. Then we have Renegades, who sometimes seem quite skilled, and sometimes seem really poor. Both sides are quite similar in the fact that they have strong IGL’s who are also weak players. If the veto works how I think it does, then we could easily end up on a map like Train. This will then come down too the battle of the AWP’s and who can step it up and be consistent and who will falter. The main issue right now is we don’t know the maps and the match won’t be played until 2moro but I wanted to put up a little bit so you can at least think about maps and who to go on. I favour Fside perhaps a bit for this match, as they always seem to qualify, but this game being a BO1 will largely come down to playing the odds and the map, if we can see it before hand.

My odds for this match: FSid3 55:45 Renegades

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So what we’ve got here is the opening match of ESL One Cologne Major qualifier held in Katowice, Poland, this is a best of one between FlipSid3 and Renegades, which is actually a pretty close matchup and definitely a good one to watch.

Renegades is a team I never really liked, they never achieved anything special, qualified for few majors but that’s pretty much it, their recent matches went fine, they beat Liquid, took a map off of Cloud9, won a couple of matches against Asian teams and even managed to upset TyLoo, Renegades also got 16-0’d by Luminosity which is pretty bad.

FlipSid3 are not doing very well either, ever since bondik left the team their results were rather disappointing, they got wrecked by teams like Lounge Gaming, GODSENT, FaZe, and few others, managed to beat SK Gaming, Escape, and won few maps against teams like Na’Vi, dignitas and Virtus.pro. Not the best results from FlipSid3, but still good if you compared them to Renegades.

FlipSid3 is my pick here, I really think they should be able to win, especially with all the internal issues Renegades are going through.


My odds for this match: FSid3 60:40 Renegades

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Now this is a really tough one here, especially given the fact that this is a BO1. This is a match that both teams will want to win, however eh, tough one to call. I think that here straight off the bat Flipsid3 is the better team, but like I was expecting when Waylander was announced, I saw the team struggling and they have been struggling, since Bondik was their 2nd best fragger on the team and often times hard carried the team, and I do not really see Waylander stepping up to that role, regularly, so Shara and Markeloff have to step up which eh, they can do but not as often as Bondik could to assist Worldedit, who if goes off here, probably can win the game off single handedly, he is so god damn good it is not funny. I still will favor Flipsid3 here, WayLANder seems to do quite well on LAN so I am hoping for that here, plus now that he has had time to settle in, and trust me this Flipsid3 team is not the easiest one to settle into, I hope that this team can reach their potential as I do think they are a good tier 2 EU side, they just need to work harder and need more fragging power, or Shara needs to live up to his expectations. We have not seen much of both of these teams, Flipsid3 last in Starseries on 20th of March meanwhile Renegades on the 26th on E-League was their last matches, so yeah, had a bit of a break from these sides which I am not a fan of. Also, rumors surfaced that Spunj is leaving Renegades/Retiring so that’s interesting to say the least, not sure what the atmosphere is like in the camp. I always have said that Renegades are a team that has potential, you look at their players man for man and they have a lot of talent in there, they show that when they are on form they can compete with many teams, especially in NA, and this being a BO1, if AZR and JKS go off, they can definitely snatch it. Just depends who shows up here for me, however I am leaning towards F3. 60-40


3% F3 under 67%, otherwise 3% RNG

My odds = 60-40 F3

My risk = High

My bet= 3% F3 under 67%, otherwise 3% RNG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: FSid3 60:40 Renegades

Option 2Bet Renegades if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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