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G2 vs. Astralis at ESL Predictions

This is the SECOND game on Lounge between these two. The map here is CACHE. Going to keep this shorter since I literally analysed this exact game 5 minutes ago but with Inferno instead of Cache, everything still applies however obviously the map, so I’ll adjust it here, however this will be shorter. For an in-depth analysis, feel free to refer to that one. I could copy pasta it here, but meh. 


So I do believe that this map pick is Gamers2’s for the series, and honestly I really do fancy them on Cache.  Sure Astralis can play the map quite well too, however they have expressed multiple times in interviews and what, recent interviews too that they just do not like their spots on the map and do not necessarily feel comfortable on it, I believe it was Dupreeh saying it. This is one of Astralis’ weaker maps I feel, obviously that does not go far, it just means that their other maps are just god status while this is a bit below that, while this is G2’s best/2nd best map for me I feel, historically at least. Once again however, we can talk maps all day, however it will come down to who is landing their shots and which two variations of the teams will we see. Both of these teams are very inconsistent, especially recently and this really could go either way. All it really takes is both pistols, few clutches and what not, or just Shox/ScreaM or Dupreeh/Device to go off here and it’s curtains for either team. For me this is a 60-40 in favor of Astralis, I’m giving G2 a bigger chance to win on Cache comparing to Inferno.


Overall going to play the odds here and heavily recommend it. Really close game, could go either way. 60-40 for me so if Astralis is below 65% here, I’ll drop 2-3% them, however if they are above it, I’ll go 2-3% on G2 hoping for the upset. Not the best of matches to bet on once again, since the odds are so close to real and a very risky match, however gotta deal with it!

My odds = 60-40 Astralis

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Astralis  if under 65%, otherwise 2-3$ G2.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: G2 40:60 Astralis


Cache, once again, just like on lan earlier this weekend which went 19:15 in favour of Astralis. As most of you know, G2 had this map in their own hands while being 14:10 up and playing against a force of Astralis, 3v1 and lost it, Xyp clutched the 1v3 and made it to 14:14 which ended up into OT and Astralis won here quite convincingly. The match on Inferno is not over yet but it does look like Astralis have got it and are on point.


I am expecting this one to go in Astralis’s favour as well. I just overall think G2 are a team who are really good on lan but not so good online and this will break them against Astralis. Cache on lan was close, but with this being online I feel like Astralis will win.


Low on Astralis, 7% of your inventory once again.

My odds for this match: G2 35:65 Astralis

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