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G2 vs. FSid3 at ESL Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

Map will be train, which the most likely map for FlipSid3. They defeated CSGL 16-1 and Preparation 16 for 3, both was on train. They have pretty good T and CT side aswell. F3 have better awpers, the first is WorldEdit who have very good movement with that weapon, and ofcourse markeloff using pretty decent aswell. On Train its very important, because you can use it anywhere, on T side you can get the fast entryfrags and its a big advantage. They managed to beat lots of teams for example Tempo Storm and Hellraisers.

Lets go on Gamers2. They are on good performance, recently they managed to beat Virtus.pro,EnVyUs 2 times,mousesports and some more tier1 team. Ofcourse that time they lost some maps, but more win than lose. Train not an impressive map for them, but they beaten nV and almost the Polish VP. Everybody know Ex6TenZ who’s a very good Ingame Leader, and they have good aimers in favour shox. Nowadays you can’t see the old ScreaM, this is why i wrote shox.

Ofcourse the Gamers2 have more chance to win it, but dont forget its BO1 and Train the main map for F3. Very high risk, just bet with low.

Low (3-5%) on F3


My odds for this match: G2 58:42 FSid3

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Don't waste skins on this match.

First map between these two teams is going to be Train. Now, G2 recently on Train have been rather shaky, they lost to VP 1/2 days ago after being up 13-7, they couldn’t manage to close it and lost 13-16. It used to be a really good map for G2 but overall against lower tier teams it seems like G2 really struggle. They are incredibly inconsistent on this map.

Train is FlipSid3’s best map, they seem extremely consistent on it and are always able to beat tier2 teams on it quite convincingly, against tier1 teams? I haven’t really seen them that much against them, this will be their first one and they can prove themselves here. I think that they are capable of winning this one as they are better on the map.

A really close match mainly because G2 seem shaky on the map and it’s FlipSid3’s best map. This could really be an upset so I’m suggesting an ICB on FlipSid3 as of now.

My odds for this match: G2 60:40 FSid3

Bo1 here on Train should be a good game. FS like this map, as do G2, and pistols and side picks will play a big part on who takes this game. FS have been making steady progress lately, beating the teams around them, but they have yet to really make the step up and beat a team above them. G2 also feel like a side going in the right direction, and their only real fault seems to be closing out games. They have lost a few recently that I am sure they thought they would win, and this is a little worrying. Overall I favour G2 for this game, but FS for sure have a chance. With the odds being how they are right now, the most logical bet seems to be ICB/LOW on FS.

My odds for this match: G2 65:35 FSid3

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