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G2 vs. mouz at ESL Predictions

Wow… So many great matches today and yet most of them are just way too risky, this one is hella risky as well, but I have a good feeling that Gamers2 will simply outplay mousesports after their amazing performance during ESL Expo Barcelona, where they managed to beat Astralis, x6tence and Vexed. Gamers2 played two matches on dust2 – both against Astralis, they should have won both to be honest, first match is basically the definition of choke, Gamers2 had a lead and threw way too many rounds in the end, they also had a chance to take it in overtime, but choked again… Second matched looked way better and Gamers2 steam rolled over Astralis, they are just insane on dust2.

So let’s take a look at mousesports, they are doing great lately and also used to be very good on dust2, they played three matches on this map with the new lineup so far, lost against CSGL, barely beat LDLC.White in overtime and demolished Virtus.pro 16-5 on a lan event (Dreamhack Open Liepzig). Mousesports looked way better on other maps, they have been doing a lot of matches lately and managed to take down teams like DenDD, dignitas, E-Frag, FlipSid3 and LDLC.White, most of these teams are not even close to G2’s skill level, but I’m still impressed with mouz’s performance since NiKo is their new in game leader and he has never did that before.

Overall these teams are very close when it comes to their skill level, although I feel like Gamers2 are better on dust2 and should have an edge here.

My odds for this match: G2 60:40 mousesports

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A really risky BO1 with the map being Dust2. Pretty much the best map of both teams. G2’s most recent Dust2 match was an impressive win over Astralis, I feel like currently G2 and Fnatic are the best teams on Dust2 (when G2 doesn’t choke). I especially like G2’s CT side, it’s incredibly solid and T’s just don’t know how to execute with the way G2 play, they are unpredictable and can push you at any point. Mousesports are also a really decent Dust2 team and surely the best in tier2 although I haven’t really seen them beat tier1 teams on this map (tier1 teams who can actually play it). Mousesport’s most recent Dust2 match was indeed, against LDLC White and this was somewhat a struggle, they were 10:1 behind on their CT side but still managed to get 4 rounds together and make it a 5:10 CT half. LDLC White started choking more and Mousesports managed to get to 10:11. It went to OT and Mousesports just came out on top here.
Overall this match is going to be really close but I do expect G2 to take this one as it’s a map they practise a lot and they even tend to beat tier1 teams on it. We just gotta hope Choke2 won’t show up and it should be ”easy skins”.

Pick: G2

Bet: Low on G2 5%


My odds for this match: G2 55:45 mousesports

Interesting game here on D2 which could go either way. Of course we all know D2 is a map that both teams like to play, but G2 love to play. They had 2 really close games against astralis, and should of won both. They seemed to choke in both games, but just about closed one of them out in the end. Today they face a whole different kettle of fish, with NiKo and co coming for them. They also like this map, especially chrisJ, who with the scout on this map is a beast.

Mouz almost lost to LDLC on this map before starting an amazing come back, and taking the game in overtime. Their only other recent results on the map were a demolishing of VP a while back, and a poor loss to CSGL. I do still think mouz have a good chance of taking this.

Personally from looking at the two teams, although G2 are just back from LAN, I still give them the edge here. They seem to feel at home at this map, and their some what average players, seem to find their feet and everything comes together. Shox and smithzz especially seem to step up on this map, and if smithzz can do what he did to device again with his famous flash peak mid, G2 in my eyes have the edge, but only just.

My odds for this match: G2 60:40 mousesports

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So this is the 1st game between these two on CSGL, this one is on Dust2. This honestly, once again, welcome to CSGOCoin.gg, flip a coin and bet based on it. This really can go eitherway, I mean it is Dust2 in a BO1…. Both teams obviously know how to play the map, and are quite good on it too. Heck, you can even argue that either of the teams deserves to be favorites, which not many people would question here. Obviously G2 are just coming back from a LAN, which makes me wonder how prepared they will be for this game, and how serious they will take it considering they are leaving really soon for the MLG qualifiers, but same can be said about Mouz, the second part. Mouz has been at home so they might be more prepared here, so another potential factor for an upset. Like I feel like both of these teams just need a trio to turn up, and they will win, and it just depends which one shows up here. For Mouz without a doubt it is ChrisJ, Niko and Nex obviously, while for G2 it is Scream, Shox and Smithz. Both trios are qutite inconsistent, it usually just comes down to 1-2 players actually doing something, while the rest slack behind and therefor the team struggles. Not much to say here, we can speculate all we want, all I know is that this will come down to who is landing their shots, wins pistols and what not. 55-45 G2 here.


Just play the odds here. As long as G2 is below 60%, 2-3% on them, otherwise 2-3% on Mouz here.

My odds = 55-45 G2

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% G2 if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% Mouz

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: G2 55:45 mousesports

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