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2018/06/01 19:15 UTC

Winner G2
OpTic Gaming
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OpTic Gaming

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bodyy ScreaM RpK SmithZz shox
ShahZaM NAF RUSH daps stanislaw

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16:7 3 weeks ago

G2 vs. OG at ELeague Predictions


So with these back to back exact same different map E-League games, just as always just going to copy pasterino the analysis since if I do not want to be a DJ’d parrot, not much to add. I can recommend watching the first map however and seeing how that goes to perhaps adjust your odds.

 Alrighty gonna keep this one pretty short and straight to the point since that is what the match is. Even though it is a BO1, I do not really see G2 losing this in their current form. G2 have definitely gotten like a injection of form and energy and are just demolishing everybody left right and center, and while yes OpTic is one of the better NA teams and have upset potential, eh it will be very hard. G2 actually did not look the best versus Selfless yesterday, however they did alright and I do not expect them to lose this. Looking at just the rosters man for man and then also the fact that G2 are the better team chemistry and what not wise,just looks painful for OpTic. Overall no point really rambling on for something obvious, I would not go high here due to the fact that it is the first game, and a BO1 so that’s not nice, however a medium fits.75-25  G2


8% G2

My odds = 75-25 G2

My risk = Med

My bet = 8% G2

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: G2 75:25 OpTic Gaming

Well, second map between these two is Nuke, and we have not seen enough from either side on this map to really know how good or bad either is. In fact, we have seen nothing from G2, and one game from OpTic. OpTic looked decent on the map, but we must also think about G2 MUST have practiced the map or they would not have left it in. Either that or they know they will be through by this point so they don’t need to worry and can just use it as a practice. Overall, I expect G2 to take the first map with ease, and that’s why I did not predict it as in my eyes was no point betting on OpTic and the odds were too bad for a G2 bet. With this map, I am sure the odds will be crazy low for OpTic and because this map is random, the only logical thing to do is ICB on the NA side.

My odds for this match: G2 75:25 OpTic Gaming

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Option 1Bet G2 if odds 75% or less

Medium (10%)

high risk

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