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2 months ago

Gambit vs. G2 at ESL Predictions

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So the winner of this match will qualify for a $1,000,000 major and surprisingly enough this match is pretty one sided, Gamers2 is one of the best teams in the world right now, and even though they had a couple of bad matches they are still extremely good and shouldn’t lose to Gambit Gaming, I’m sure all of you remember the match from yesterday where G2 lost 1-16 against mousesports on dust2, that match was really bad and Gamers2 got wrecked, but it was kinda expected and I even predicted mousesports to take it.

Gamers2 played really well against TyLoo and HellRaisers, honestly they steamrolled these two teams and it wasn’t even close. Gambit however, lost against FaZe on train and managed to beat ENVYUS and Optic on cobblestone, it was their best map so kinda obvious that they would do well, but honestly they should have lost both matches, Optic had a massive lead and they basically threw it away, while ENVYUS completely underestimated Gambit and did a ton of silly mistakes like all those weird mac-10 buys and stuff.

Gamers2 obviously look better, they are also insane on train and cobblestone which are Gambit’s best maps, I honestly think that Gamers2 will take this one very easily, but Gambit is not a bad team and can definitely put up a good fight so that’s not a safe bet by any means, but I’d still go with a medium bet on Gamers2.

My odds for this match: Gambit 25:75 G2

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Even though G2 played bad yesterday, their form overall has been really impressive. They come into this game the heavy favourites, and rightfully so. The main reason is, the map pool between the two sides, is the same. They both like the same maps, and out of those maps, G2 are better on all of them. Gambit are not a bad side, they showed that against Envy, and they honestly should have closed out FaZe as well, but I just feel like the dominating G2 will turn up today, and take this game. It is highly important for them to do so, and shox and ScreaM will show what they are made of today. I would suggest a LOW bet on G2 to take this, even if the odds are honestly not the greatest.

My odds for this match: Gambit 30:70 G2

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