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Godsent vs. Na’Vi at Dreamhack Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


Obviously no Guardian here for Na’Vi, however they managed to make the finals of a major with him heavily underperforming so that is that. I still feel Na’Vi should be favored a bit here, Starix is not horrible by any means and is like their IGL from the coach position. I like Godsent, or ex-Ancient as they were known. They I think have a lot of potential as a team, Schneider and Twist in particular I like, however if they want to win this, they will need to be on fire and these two can be really hot, or really quiet. I have a sneaky suspicion that Maikelele might be replacing Lekr0, however time will tell. Overall I do think Godsent can fight here, they are no pushovers however even a damaged Na’Vi should win here, like a 16:9 scoreline. 75-25  in favor of Na’Vi here.


5% Na’Vi under 82%, otherwise 2% Godsent

My odds = 75-25 Na’Vi

My risk = High, no Guardian and BO1

My bet = 5% Na’Vi under 82%, otherwise 2% Godsent

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Godsent 25:75 Na’Vi

Option 2Bet Godsent if odds 18% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Godsent, to me the darkhorse of this event and they can really do damage, we all know where they’re capable of and this will be their first ”big” lan against tier1 teams. We don’t really know how Godsent are against tier1 teams as we’ve only seen them against tier2/3/4 teams and they seem to be quite consistent.

Navi will obviously be playing without Guardian here and starix will be standing in. Let me just keep this short but straight; Navi got to the finals with a guardian who couldn’t even frag, starix, who will obviously be awping instead, is a really consistent awper and I’m 100% certain that he will do better than guardian did back at MLG. So there’s that.

Could be a close match but even though Navi have no guardian, Starix is still nuts with the awp. I expect Navi to win here as they have an extremely strong mappool. They should have this match in the bag. Let’s not go too high on this Navi just yet and see where they’re capable for now.

My odds for this match: Godsent 25:75 Na’Vi

Option 2Skip


Don't waste skins on this match.

Tough to call game to be honest. I am curious how Navi are going to be without GuardiaN. The very fact he is not there will already lift every side they play, and make people believe they have a chance. Starix stepped down from the roster because he was fragging poorly, and I highly doubt that lots of time not playing, will do any good for his fragging power. I still favour Navi heavily for this game, but Godsent will be prepared. Pronax will know everything Navi do, and betting on Navi at 80+ odds in a BO1 against players such as Pronax, twist and schneider, makes me nervous. I will purely play the odds here, and drop a tiny bit of Godsent if they remain under 25%.

My odds for this match: Godsent 25:75 Na’Vi

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Option 1Bet Na’Vi if odds 68% or less

Medium (10%)

high risk