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HellRaisers vs. G2 Esports Predictions

I don’t even know if we can trust Gamers2 anymore, they literally looked like the best team in the world before the off season, and now they are 0-6 in Pro League and there are still teams like fnatic, NiP, Virtus.pro and mousesports that Gamers2 have to beat, it doesn’t look well for them and at this point I’m almost sure that G2 won’t make it to lan finals, either way, they are facing HellRaisers today and that’s one of the “easiest” opponents in the league, I just wish we could see different maps, dust2 is good for Gamers2 and I believe they will take it, but the second map is nuke and they looked really bad on it against ENVYUS yesterday, so that’s quite scary.

HellRaisers are doing alright, definitely better than G2 so far, they beat Team X on nuke, Epsilon 2-1, took a map off of Gambit and almost managed to upset ENVYUS on dust2, what I don’t understand is how HellRaisers plays so well on dust2 against ENVYUS and Epsilon but then gets wrecked 4-16 by Gambit on the exact same map, I guess they are still very inconsistent.

So yea Gamers2 is my pick this time, I’ll give them one more chance and I hope they won’t disappoint me here, this is their map after all.

My odds for this match: HR 35:65 G2

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HR are a side I don’t really know how to judge right now. They split a series with Team X, beat Epsilon, lost to Gambit and Envy. G2 on the other hand, seem to be really hung over from their holidays. Losing to Navi, FaZe and Envy all 2-0, is hardly impressive form. The maps today are D2 and Nuke. D2 is the #1 upset map, like I keep saying, and the only time we have seen G2 on Nuke, they got destroyed. I do still think that G2 should be able to take this, but with their recent form, these maps, and the odds being almost 3 and 2.5 for HR, I will go really LOW on them and hope they can take 1 map.

My odds for this match: HR 40:60 G2

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