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Heroic vs. Echo Fox Predictions


Tricky one here. EchoFox are that team in NA that can beat any team out there, the likes of Liquid, Cloud9 etc etc, however they can lose to any team out there too, like we saw vs CoL yesterday, they didn’t lose but damn it was close, and this has been a big trend with EchoFox, inconsistencies all around. The thing is that I think the same can be applied to Heroics. Heroic has not impressed me much at all to be honest this LAN so far, especially when you compare these results to their online results. And to be honest, I’m yet to truly rate the team, think they were/are in a honey moon period, because if you look at the players they have, comparing to the results they have, no way can they challenge tier 1 teams like that lol. I do think that Heroic has to be favored here against EchoFox however, but a tricky one. This is for 3rd place decider which I mean is like the ”You tried but oh well” award, and both teams will probably be depressed here thinking they could have made it into the finals lol. I think that as long as Heroic’s show their true colours, they’ll take this. EF for me way too up and down, and I am not a fan of Freakazoid and Shahzam in the team, think if you upgrade those, or at least Freak you have a big shout for a much better team, but that’s just me. Overall, 65-35 Heroic


5% Heroic under 72%, otherwise 2% EF

My odds = 65-35 Heroic

My risk = High

My bet = 5% heroic under 72%< otherwise 2% EF

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Heroic (ex-X) 65:35 EchoFox

Both teams honestly seem a bit down and out coming into this game and it will be interesting. Echo looked really defeated last night, and barely had much sleep. Heroic as well, judging by their tweets seem to be trying to motivate themselves for this game, which is hardly a good sign. I do have to favour Heroic here, but Echo to take 1 map seems like a good bet as well. I guess this prediction and bet comes down to who you think is the better team, and that for sure has to be Heroic. Echo were 1 round away from losing to coL, and they have been quite inconsistent in their showing so far. LOW Heroic to win, echo to take 1 map here.

My odds for this match: Heroic (ex-X) 65:35 EchoFox

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