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HR vs. Arcade at Starseries Predictions

Starseries in a BO1, a really scary match as it’s two CIS teams facing eachother. To be honest, Hellraisers in the DreamHack Malmo qualifier really surprised me with that win over Gambit and almost taking down Dignitas as well, they look really good and can actually become a top tier2 team with the material they have, all these players have already played with eachother and they’re individually extremely skilled.

Arcade is a team who we haven’t seen that much recently. They did play for the DreamHack Malmo qualifier but got beaten by Ence in a BO1 on Cache (16-8). This team does have potential to become a fairly decent CIS team, they could get top4 in CIS behind Navi, FSid3 and Hellraisers but there’s a lot of other teams in CIS who have the potential to get there such as YP and Empire. This team overall does have some decent individual skill with Mir and jR and these guys are most definitely capable of beating tier2 teams.

A really close BO1 which might come down to the map, Hellraisers do have a really strong mappool but so do Arcade, I think that the maps Arcade can upset on are Mirage, Train and Dust2 as it’s a pug map and always feels 50-50. In the end, I expect the map to be Cobblestone, Cache or Inferno and I expect Hellraisers to take it, they are the better team and have been looking really good so far. Make sure to skip / ICB the underdog when the odds get out of hand.

My odds for this match: HR 75:25 Arcade

Option 2ICB the underdog

ICB: Inventory Clearing Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of skins you don't mind losing.


This is a BO1 between these two and these are always tricky especially when it comes to teams like this. This is a game that Hellraisers really should be taking, however Arcade when on form do pack a punch and could raise a few eyebrows. Do I think that Arcade should be beating HR here? No however BO1, win both pistols and have a few solid clutches and you are on your way to greatness really. These two have played before however under different rosters so I won’t even bother going over them. Right now Hellraisers I am not too sure which direction they are heading, a lot of roster changes and mixes, it’c confusing. Right now which is making my fanboy senses tingle is the fact that this is the Ex-nEophyte lineup but -Barb1 +Angel and that lineup was nutty. Sure it was not some tier 1 roster that dominated Fnatic, however that lineup for the credit it was given was so good and had so much potential, I really hope the Hellraisers guys stick to this and everything works for them. As long as the HR guys are on form here and landing their shots, they should be too much for Arcade here. Odds for this is a bit difficult however 75-25 is fair I feel here a bit, new roster so once again hard however lets go with that and not over complicate things. High risk game so only low bet, BO1’s like this, no me fan.


5% HR if under 80%, otherwise 2% on Arcade in the hopes of an upset.

My odds = 75-25 HR

My risk = High, BO1’s like this not a fan of.

My bet = 5% HR if under 80%, otherwise 2% Arcade

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: HR 75:25 Arcade

Option 2Bet Arcade if odds 20% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

BO1 with 22% odds, vs a team that is highly inconsistent. Will keep this one short and sweet as I don’t feel it needs a lot of analysis. If HR are off their game today, then Arcade for sure have a chance here. If Arcade can take both pistols, and not lose any of the anti ecos then you never know what might happen. HR showed weakness against Dignitas, and they are still finding their way with quetzone. Arcade contain some skilled players, and with a bit of luck, have a chance here. If HR are above 70%, ICB/LOW on Arcade.

My odds for this match: HR 70:30 Arcade

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Option 1Bet HR if odds 70% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

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