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ShahZaM NAF RUSH daps stanislaw

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HR vs. OG at ESL Predictions

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Right off the bat I can tell that this match is basically a coin flip and with the current odds there is just no point in betting on HellRaisers, both teams are really good right now but after watching HR’s matches so far I have to say that they still need some time to get consistent with bondik. So far HellRaisers played well, they beat dignitas, Splyce and lost to Gamers2, the first two wins looked very easy but the match against Gamers2 was a one man show, they wouldn’t win a single round without oskar in that match.

Optic also looked very promising so far, they absolutely destroyed FlipSid3 and Fluffy Gangsters on train, their only loss was against Gambit on cobblestone and they should have won that match, Optic threw away an 11-4 lead and lost it 14-16, they were insane on the first half though.

So as I said both teams are pretty much on the same level right now, one thing that I’m scared of is the map veto, we will probably see either overpass or cobblestone, but Optic are in a tricky situation because HellRaisers showed that they are very good on nuke, so that’s another map Optic has to veto so that’s that little advantage HellRaisers have over them. Either way, I still think Optic is the only way to go here, HellRaisers are on above 60% while in reality this match is a coin flip, either skip or place a small bet on Optic and hope they veto nuke.

My odds for this match: HR 50:50 OpTic Gaming

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Hard to call game as it largely depends on which HR we see. If we see the one against G2, then this one will not be pretty. If we see the one who dominated Dig, then they have a really good chance of taking this. They still really rely on oskar and judging their level is really hard right now. The same can be said for OpTic, who sometimes look world beaters when they are playing aggressive, and in other times scared and timid and not sure what to do. I think the map will be interesting, and I could see it being Cobble or Cache. Both maps are good for both teams and it could be a really close game. 60-40 for me in favour of HR, and bet accordingly. This is a hard one to call without knowing the map, and really is a coin flip.

My odds for this match: HR 58:42 OpTic Gaming

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Option 1Bet HR if odds 58% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

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