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HR 86
Revival 14
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HR vs Revival here, in a somewhat interesting match. The Russian side of Revival actually surprised a few teams recently, and did better than a lot expected, taking down HS.GG and eXplosive. I have watched them play before, and they were a pretty decent side on Cobble, but were quite inconsistent overall. They do have some decent players, but they are still a few tiers below HR.

HR are close to the eXplosive guys, so hopefully should be well prepared for this match, and know exactly what to expect. HR were how you would expect from them yesterday, up and down. They could of easily lost 3-0, or won easily as well against Dignitas, and that is the frustrating thing with them sometimes. They just fail to deliver all the time.

Moving into this game, I feel the chances for HR to drop a map are quite high, but should be fairly safe on them winning this match. If it were a BO1, I would personally avoid betting at all, but a BO3, HR should be able to take this. I will personally probably SKIP this game, but if you feel the need to bet, a MED on HR should be okay, with a slight risk due to their consistency.

My odds for this match: HR 75:25 Revival






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