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HR vs. SK at CEVO Predictions

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Once again, got caught off guard that this is a BO5 however this is something that favors HR I feel. SK’s map pool is god awful. They can not play Inferno nor Dust2, both maps that HR are good on so that is a free map right there, then Overpass, probably easy for HR, then like a Cobble/Cache, probably easy for HR, like map wise alone HR should be all over SK. Veto should be something like SK -Inferno and HR -Train, and then the teams pick, order does not really depend too much. You can argue strongly that SK on paper, man for man when they are firing their shots are the better team here, however there is a lot of things playing against them. This is a LAN, historically they do not like these, I am trying to not concentrate too heavily on their Dig performance yesterday, a Danish rivalry, and it is Digntias, things like that happen, obviously credit where it is due however eh, taking it with a pinch of salt .Anyway, SK + LAN do not match well, their map pool is like really weaker compared to HR’s, form wise HR is just slapping everybody left right and center, definitely look hot. Of course HR added Bondik to the ranks and as I keep parotting, I think that he is a big upgrade to Queztone and should help the team to shine. Like I said, man for man I like the SK lineup here more, however this is more than a game of individuals, and hence I will favor HR in this series. The upset potential is very big here however, SK can turn up and do what they did to Dig to HR, they most definitely can however I think it was a bit of a fluke performance. 65-35 HR.


3% HR under 72%, otherwise 2% SK

My odds = 65-35 HR

My risk = High

My bet = 3% HR under 72%, otherwise 2% SK

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: HR 65:35 SK Gaming

Option 2Bet SK Gaming if odds 28% or less
SK Gaming

Small (2%)

high risk

I’ve been thinking about this match for a while, I always went with HellRaisers since they are looking hot right now, however the odds are extremely inaccurate, SK Gaming played an insane series against dignitas yesterday, SK Gaming won 16-3 on cobblestone which is dig’s best map and 16-11 on overpass, impressive results, expecially after how poorly they played against Tempo Storm in the group stage.

HellRaisers won like 90% of their online matches before this event, they are on fire right now, the group stage was quite easy for them even though some people expected them to lose against Virtus.pro, they beat them very easily 2-0, at least Optic Gaming put up a good fight as HellRaisers even dropped a map against them, but still the other two maps were easy for HellRaisers.

HellRaisers is obviously a better team, they also never lost to SK Gaming with the current lineup, however I just can’t bet on them with those odds, SK destroyed dignitas and they deserve at least 45% here.

My odds for this match: HR 55:45 SK Gaming

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Option 2ICB the underdog

ICB: Inventory Clearing Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of skins you don't mind losing.

This game will largely come down to which LAN SK turns up. The one against Dignitas, or the one against Tstorm. If it is the one against Tstorm, then this will be an easy 3-0 for HR. If it is the one against Dig, then this could be interesting. With it being a BO5, this is bad for SK as well. They can only remove 1 map, and they have 2 they are really poor on. This of course being D2 and Inferno. Which ever they leave in, should be a free map for HR. So let’s try to look at the maps. It will be – Inferno, – Train. Then D2 is a massive advantage to HR. I don’t see SK winning this map at all. Overpass for me is pretty 50-50, with the right SK playing, they have a chance. Cobble is a slight advantage for HR, but SK showed they can play on it vs Dignitas. Mirage is a map that both like, perhaps a slight advantage to SK, or 50-50. Cache is a map that SK can be okay on sometimes, but I would still favour HR on this map. So out of the 5 maps, we have 1 heavily favoured to HR, 2 slightly favoured to HR, 1 50-50, and 1 a tiny bit towards SK. This is the reason for these odds, but with 3 maps being close, and SK being below 30% odds, you cannot really bet on HR, and 1-2% on SK is your best bet.

My odds for this match: HR 70:30 SK Gaming

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Option 1Bet HR if odds 70% or less

Small (5%)

high risk