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This should be a great match. HellRaisers changed Kucher for Smike, but today queztone stand-in(?). HR is a very good tier2 team, but month by month they downgrade. This change is not so good, its almost the ex-neophyte, just barb1 missing. They often have shaky performance, if you saw them at MLG you saw that in the first match they beat Liquid after that they lost in a very close match against mousesports, and in the most important match they were defeated by Liquid. After that LAN they had 2 official, once against Empire where they won 2-1 but it was pretty close match and on the second match they lost against Preparation. They change like every month 1 player. This is not the ex-HR.

Lets talk about SpaceSoldiers. They had lineup change aswell, nGin and paz signed. I know something about him. Before SS he played at Phoenix Reborn, but they disbanded. His last team was top3 in turkey, all the time they played close match against SS. He was in the Turkish National Team as well, I asked some Turkish contacts and none of them really know a great deal about him other than he prefers to play online than at LAN.

Match will be BO1 this is why I say bet on SS. $20.000 the prizepool. I dont feel that the HR can take it easy, because as I said they had lineup change, and they didnt have any time to practice with this lineup. Worst map for SS maybe Inferno, the best are Cobblestone,Cache. For HR the worst maps are Train and Cache, the best are Overpass and Mirage. Very very risky match, both team have a chance to take it.

Low (5%) on SS if the odds stay below 40%


My odds for this match: HR 60:40 Space Soldiers

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Don't waste skins on this match.

The Turkish boys of SS will find it hard going today in this game I feel. They have shown lately that on their day, they can compete, but they also struggle on their CT sides, and I feel like this will be their downfall today. HR of course recently let Kucher go, and are playing with quetzone I believe today, although it could also be smike, the old eXplosive player. We have seem HR lose games like this before, and with it being a BO1, that also makes me a little more nervous. The overall skill in the HR camp is a lot higher though, and as long as they get a good map, and take 1 of the pistol rounds, I feel like they SHOULD be okay, and betting LOW on HR should be a fairly safe bet. Don’t go too high in an unpredictable BO1 though.

My odds for this match: HR 65:35 Space Soldiers

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Don't waste skins on this match.


So ahm nEophyte announced the signing of Angel a few days ago so excited to see how he fits amongst the nEophyte guys. I joke I joke, but yes some sort of a reunion here if the roster is correct. Basically the quad lineup of ex nEophyte -Barb1 +Angel which hey, is an upgrade. I remember fanboying the nEophyte roster when it just came under the scene since they were so dominating for how small their reputation was and it’s great to see how all these guys have moved on and well, meet on the same team once again here. Obviously Hellraisers got rid of Kucher very recently which I honestly had been asking for a really long time and it has finally happened, I just do not rate him as a player, he obviously has good performances here and there, but overall, not impressed. Not quite sure what the scenario with Smike is here, if they are using him or Queztone however lets just follow HLTV here. This roster has been moving around players like I said, no stability as of recent and that is never good, however I still do feel like they should be able to take this here. The teams star player, and the carry Oskar is rumored to be leaving the team too and he has apparently discussed offers on his stream, however can’t confirm that, I can’t speak Czech.

SpaceSoldiers is obviously the Turkish team that hosts Xantares. That guy when he goes off form is quite insane, however as of recent the last few times I’ve watched him play, he has been impactful yes however no crazy scorelines so that is that. I do think that Oskar should be able to put him down here however lets not get too far ahead of us. SpaceSoldiers can definitely pull an upset here, they have some good results in the past and given that this is a BO1, I do not see no reason why they could not. Win pistols and a few clutch rounds here and there and you are in the driving seat for greatness so to speak. Overall, odds are hard to make up for this match given the current situation Hellraisers find themselves in, however for me this has to be around 70-30 here, keeping in mind it’s a BO1. I do feel you could give SpaceSoldiers a bit more here, however lets just settle for that. High risk game so low bets only!


5% HR if under 80%, otherwise 2-3% SpaceSoldiers in the hopes of an upset.

My odds = 70-30 HR

My risk = High

My bet = 5% HR if under 80%, otherwise 2-3% SpaceSoldiers

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: HR 70:30 Space Soldiers

Option 2Bet Space Soldiers if odds 20% or less
Space Soldiers

Small (2%)

high risk


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