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Immortals vs. Blight Gaming Predictions

I’m sure all of you already know that Immortals will be my pick here, no need to explain too much to be honest, Blight is just a mediocre mix with no achievements, just a bunch of puggers with a decent aim, you may recognize them from NA Rank S as they play it a lot, Oderus and Char are pretty good individually, but I don’t think they will be any good as a team. Blight somehow managed to beat Winterfox 16-14, but that just shows how bad Winterfox are, right before that match Blight barely beat BB 21-16, and BB are in ESEA Main, so do the maths.

Immortals are winning big events in North America and they are destroying teams in Pro League, there is absolutely no way they lose to Blight now, especially in a qualifier for a $1,400,000 league.

My odds for this match: Immortals 80:20 Blight

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Gonna keep this short and sweet, better matches to be analysing. There is no way Immortals lose this lol. Sure Immortals can be shaky at times in online matches and what not, however they are currently in form and like, even an Immortals off form, this Blight team isn’t any good lol. Okay they have some players that have been in the scene for some time now and been on a bunch of mediocre teams, but that is the keyword, mediocre. Blight wouldn’t make my top 50 probably while Immortals can make a good shout at top 10 and like Top 5 NA probably. Blight has decent individuals but nothing significant nor have they showed us anything special. This is a BO3, in a Bo1 I could somehow see Blight do some magic but in a BO3….and for E-League, nah. 85-15 Immortals


15% Immortals here

My odds = 85-15 IMT

My risk = Low

My bet  = 15% Immortals here

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Immortals 85:15 Blight

Will keep this one short and sweet. I really don’t see how IMT loses this game unless they have a monumental break down. They are a far superior side and I don’t think a single player on the Blight side can compete with the boys in IMT. The only two logical things you can do here is go on IMT to take it 2-0 for betting odds, or use them winning in an accumulator with other games. They are far superior in every way and I just don’t see them losing this game at all. LARGE on IMT here.

My odds for this match: Immortals 80:20 Blight

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