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Zews felps lucas hen1 boltz
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Immortals vs. Counter Logic Gaming Predictions

This match also seems to be quite easy, but honestly I’m kinda scared of it, sure Immortals is one of the best teams in North American region right now, they won Northern Arena, Dreamhack Summer and beat a lot of top NA teams, but I always have that feeling that CLG can easily upset any team even though they sucked lately, could be because of Subroza, this guy is extremely shady, but still, CLG played like bots against NRG yesterday and they probably won’t even win a map against Immortals.

So we have train as the first map and cobblestone next, I think both teams like these maps but Immortals is the better team of course so they should be favored here, not only because of that, but also because they’ve been doing extremely well on cobble and train, I mean they are doing great on all maps, but especially on these two. I’m feeling another 2-0 here, two medium bets on Immortals, let’s just hope Subroza won’t go crazy this time.

My odds for this match: Immortals 70:30 CLG

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Going into these 2 BO1’s, I think the chances for CLG to take them are pretty slim. They looked okay earlier in parts, but they are not a team anymore that is going to scare anyone. They won’t make it to the majors, they are pretty much behind teams even like NRG right now, and that is pretty depressing how far they have fallen. The maps tonight are Train and Cobble. I have seen IMT struggle on Train in the past, but they seem to have worked on this map a lot. Cobble has always been one of their best maps, and should be a map for them too. The players on CLG can cause problems for IMT if they are on their game, and IMT playing poorly, but I really don’t feel it that strongly right now. LOW 2x for IMT.

My odds for this match: Immortals 65:35 CLG

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2nd map of the day between these two and it is Cobblestone. Immortals historically are pretty good here and I mean so was CLG historically but I don’t even know anymore about CLG. CLG just doesn’t cut it for me both individually and as a team. I just do not see how these guys will work out. Subroza apparently also cheats, well I am pretty convinced he does so that is that. I don’t know, CLG needs some sort of a mass overhaul to even get good again. Then again this is a NA BO1 so you can’t count them out fully, but IMT should take it Overall gonna keep it short, IMT should win but go low since BO1. 70-30 IMT


5% IMT here

My odds = 70-30 IMT

My risk = High

My bet = 5% IMT

My advice = 5% IMT

My odds for this match: Immortals 70:30 CLG

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