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IWKU vs. MK at Rising Stars Predictions

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Today is a day of easy matches and I guess we will start off with some high bets and make skins to bet on ELEAGUE later today, this match is pretty safe in my opinion, Iwku is a really bad team and the only team they beat with this lineup was DenDD who are also terrible, other than that Iwku got demolished by Space Soldiers 3-16 on cache and 4-16 on train, lost 0-2 against Alternate, AGG, tied against Bpro, PRIDE and eSuba, so they barely win maps against mediocre teams too.

MK or Orbit is a team that needs no introduction, everyone knows them as they are on csgolounge pretty much every day, MK were always on the top of tier 2 teams and they are usually pretty consistent, their recent results are also quite good as they beat teams like Kinguin, Escape, PRIDE, AGG, Space Soldiers and many other tier 2 / tier 3 teams. So MK are doing great while Iwku is crap, additionally this is a best of two match so the chances of MK losing both maps are close to none, that’s a high bet on MK for me.

My odds for this match: IWKU 20:80 MK

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Meh, MK at these odds is not something I would recommend betting on usually as they have been known to lose the occasional bad game from time to time. With this being a BO2, I do feel some what safer as the chances of them losing both maps here is really small. We saw iwku yesterday, and they should have potentially lost to esuba, which is hardly filling me with any hope they will be able to take this game here. Overall, MK are the far superior side, with better players, better tactics and a deeper map pool. They do seem to drop maps a lot in these BO1s, so with the odds on CSGL so bad, betting on 1-1, or an accumulator with MK winning on fanobet might make more sense.

My odds for this match: IWKU 20:80 MK

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