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K1CK.pt vs. NR at AlienTech League Predictions

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NR are an average UK side who sometimes perform to a higher standard than people expect, and sometimes to a much lower one. You don’t really know what to expect from them, which can make them unpredictable. They had a good win against AT which I actually did not expect, but then looked poor against the other k1ck and struggled against Imperio.

The Portuguese k1ck have been around for a while now, slowly improving their game and map pool, getting some decent LAN experience and performances. They do have strange results sometimes, like their 1-1 draw against Imperio, before beating LDLC.White. This does demonstrate they are an inconsistent side, but they do have decent individually skilled players, and as they have been a side for a long time, they have good synergy as well.

With this being a BO2, I find it hard to believe k1ck will lose both maps here. This in my view will be 1-1 at worse for them, so with that being said, I would advise going LOW/MED on k1ck as the chances of you getting at least your skins back are really high. The Portuguese side of k1ck are not doing the best so far in this league, with 1 draw and 1 loss, and could really do with a win here.

My odds for this match: K1CK.pt 65:35 NR

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This is going to be a BO2 and k1ck are last in this group with 0 wins 1 tie and 1 loss. The loss was against Publiclir so that’s not a shame, the tie was against Imperio and that’s a thing that worries me, Imperio aren’t a team who are good at all and them even getting a map against k1ck is huge here. k1ck do have a good line-up but at times it just looks extremely shaky. They did have a win against LDLC White so that might build some confidence.

Nerdrage on the other hand aren’t the cleanest out of all either. They are above k1ck in the group but they played 2 more matches. Nerdrage currently have 1 win, 1 tie and 2 losses. The win was against Alientech, the tie was also against Imperio, just like k1ck. The two losses were against gBots and k1ck-esp (Spanish k1ck). These results aren’t really good from Nerdrage, they look rather scary.

So overall, k1ck only played 2 matches in this league and are last in the group because of that, Nerdrage already played 4 and could potentially become last when they lose against k1ck today. Overall k1ck are the way better team, they have the better players and the fragging power. I don’t think k1ck are going to drop 2 maps in a row against Nerdrage here because if they do, they are IMO out of this league as the remaining matches are against teams you don’t wanna play against. k1ck will surely try their best so I think they should be able to 2-0 here, worst case scenario 1-1.

Medium (8%) on k1ck

My odds for this match: K1CK.pt 70:30 NR

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