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KKona vs. EchoFox at ECS Predictions

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Echo Fox will be playing with Roca tonight which is really exciting, and judging by how they played last night, will only make this roster even stronger. I am excited, I will be honest. They surprised me and impressed me, and I honestly did not expect them to be so good. Sgares was a monster, he was dropping people all over, and showed level of fragging performance that we have not seen for a long long time. Roca will be replacing tck it seems, which is a slightly strange change, as tck is famous for his clutching, and supporting, where as Roca is famous for his entry fragging. Ryx and roca though is some serious fire power, and I find it hard to believe Kkona will be able to do anything here. MED on Echo or SKIP.

My odds for this match: KKona 25:75 EchoFox

EchoFox really surprised me yesterday, I would never expect them to go 2-0 over Winterfox, they also 2-0’d Obey Alliance in the following match, their amazing performance convinced me that they are actually good and it wasn’t just one lucky day, now they are up against KKona, a mix team that got demolished by Obey Alliance yesterday, they somehow managed to take a map off of compLexity but well, we all know that compLexity have some serious issues with their team right now, they are also trying out Surreal right now and I’m pretty sure they did not practice with the original roster, so beating them is not that big of a result.

So this match is basically a pug from KKona up against one of the best in game leaders in CS:GO with 4 really talented individuals who managed to beat two very strong teams yesterday, the choice is obvious, we will be going with EchoFox here, they should easily take one map against OCEAN’s squad.

My odds for this match: KKona 25:75 EchoFox

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