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This one is really tricky. The thing is obviously we see KKona, or well ex AGG play vs all these top NA teams and they do struggle, while we do not see Obey play these top NA teams, but instead they just demolish everyone who is a level below the top NA teams, it’s kinda like saying KKona is better than TempoStorm only because they are in a higher ESEA League, doesn’t work like that. This should in theory be a very close affair that could really go eitherway. It is a BO3 which makes me believe in KKona a bit more than in Obey here, as I feel that RooRoo and Twists not turning up for a BO3 vs a team that is around their skill ceiling is slim. If RooRoo and Twist find their ground here and do what they are capable of doing vs top NA teams, they have a big chance here, however if they struggle it most likely will be gg wp for them, basically rides or dies on that duo. Not the greatest of matches to be betting on honestly, not at all. I do favor KKona here at 55-45 in favor of them. Stick to low bets as this match as I said is not worth it at all, however it is what it is.


3% KKona if below 60%, otherwise 3% Obey

My odds = 55-45 KKona

My risk = High

My bet = 3% KKona if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% Obey

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: KKona 55:45 Obey

Option 2Bet Obey if odds 40% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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