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LG vs. VP at MLG Predictions


This is one where I will favor Luminosity quite heavily here. The thing is, the amount of work that LG is putting in this as a team, I do not see them dropping a BO3 series to VP, sure it is possible, however I am yet to see anything positive from VP. Got smashed by Na’Vi, and the G2 performances were not even impressive, just G2 being the usual G2 making mistakes all over the place which cost them the game. Looking at the map veto’s, it works out nicely for LG too, VP autoban Dust2 and I am pretty confident LG gets to pick who gets to veto first, so LG likes to ban Dust2, so does VP, so they make VP ban it as the first ban, then LG has freedom to do what they want, probably banning Cache which is a strong map for VP, 50-50 for LG. Then looking at it, VP would probably pick Train seeing how it is going for them so far this tournament, and credit where it’s due their Train does look strong, however then LG probably goes for a Inferno, and then a random which we can’t predict. These maps I feel like favor LG, and this will not come down to the maps, it just won’t. LG right now are just too motivated, better individually as a team and individuals that they should just be beating VP in their current form, it’s possible for VP to get a map, or even win the series, however they will need everybody firing on all cylinders and have the LG guys underperform, I just do not see it happening. 75-25 in favor of LG here.


5% LG if below 82%, otherwise skip/ICB VP

My odds = 75-25 LG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% LG if below 82%, otherwise skip/ICB

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Luminosity 75:25 VP

Option 2ICB the underdog

ICB: Inventory Clearing Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of skins you don't mind losing.

LG are really hyped to win this Major now Fnatic is gone, the question here is; who can stop them from taking it now? It literally feels like it’s free to take for LG and it’s just Navi standing in their way. LG are on point and edging with Navi for the top2 spot in the world. This major, LG haven’t lost a single game and stomped both NiP and Mousesports in a BO1, this will be their first BO3 of this major.

VP got a bit lucky, they managed to win the BO3 against G2 but obviously, G2 were just bad (again). VP already stomped G2 in a BO1 and the BO3 wasn’t any different, G2 once again got stomped and only managed to win their own pick, Train and Cobblestone were far from close but I wouldn’t really say that VP were ”good” in this BO3. Sure, they won, but it’s ”only” G2. VP also had a BO1 against an actual tier1 in the groups and got completely destroyed. I think VP’s road of this major will end here.

This should honestly be a 2-0 in favour of LG, I expect LG to just do their own veto and ban Dust2 out, they can let it stay and ban Train instead but it’s not like VP are favorites on Train, LG are good on every single map except Dust2, they should be able to take down VP on any map really. The winner of this match will play against Liquid so that MIGHT actually be a free spot for the Grand Final. Again, I expect LG to take this one, I don’t think VP have the material to upset here.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 75:25 VP

Will keep this one short and sweet. I don’t see LG losing this game. So far from VP, we saw them beat a bad G2 side, who actually struggled, and be destroyed by Navi. LG are a side that are of a similar level to Navi, and I just don’t see VP taking this game unless the plow comes, but even then LG are not a side you can plow through, the way they play, how tactical they are. Even if VP can get on good maps for themselves, Train, Mirage, they are still meeting a LG side who are formidable on these as well. I could perhaps seeing VP taking train, but I don’t see any other map from the pool that they would be favoured on going into this. This feels like it should be LG’s game, and it would take a really disappointing game from them, and a level we have not seen from VP yet, for them to take this.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 70:30 VP

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