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Liquid vs. HR at MLG Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


  • Dust2: 55-45 Liquid
  • Inferno: 65-35 Hellraisers
  • Mirage: 50-50
  • Cache: 55-45 Liquid
  • Train: 50-50
  • Overpass: 50-50
  • Cobblestone: 50-50



This could be the closest match of the day. It will be a BO3 and the winner will qualify for MLG Columbus 2018. Both teams played against eachother yesterday in a BO1 on Dust2 and this match definitely should have went in Liquid’s favour, they threw away a really important 5v2 post plant on B and that lost them the game. If there’s a rematch on Dust2 then I expect Liquid to take it this time. Liquid didn’t really have a challenge against YP as YP are just bad, so a 16-2 to Liquid wasn’t that surprising really. Hellraisers went into OT against Mousesports and this is extremely impressive IMO. Mousesports did have the game in their own hands and just threw rather stupid rounds away but Hellraisers still did play quite well in this BO1 especially when the map is Mirage, usually a map Hellraisers veto as they don’t seem to play it as much. Now, if we look at the map-odds then we can simply say this is a 50-50 match although the thing is, against Mousesports, Oskar stepped up HUGE and this isn’t really that common on lan from this guy, he’s usually a ”decent” fragger but went ham against Mousesports and this is rare. s1mple is just a consistent fragger and always goes ham and I feel like that this will be the deciding factor of this match, if s1mple goes ham, Liquid should win this BO3. We will be playing the odds though!

Pick: Liquid

Bet: Low on Liquid when -60% for Liquid [5%] | Low on Hellraisers when +60% for Liquid [3%]


My odds for this match: Liquid 60:40 HR

Hard to call game between these 2 as they played already and it was incredibly close. HR should of actually lost this map, but some how managed to close it out in the end. I do actually fancy HR slightly for this game as I feel they have a slightly deeper map pool than that of Liquid, and apart from Cache and D2, I worry what other maps Liquid could take down HR on unless s1mple goes massive. Very simply put, with the odds currently being higher on Liquid, and the way HR have played so far against Liquid and mouz, I believe the best bet is to go LOW on HR. HR should of beaten mouz, they lost in overtime after losing both pistols, which shows you the level they are at even if I don’t know how they win some games. This game could go either way, so don’t bet too high.

My odds for this match: Liquid 50:50 HR

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