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Liquid vs. HR at MLG Predictions

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No Koosta no party? Who knows. So yes Liquid are using Adren instead of Koosta for this qualifier, don’t get me wrong, it was not their choice, they were kinda forced to due to MLG’s rule set or whatever. Not quite sure how this will work out, Liquid decided to use Moe ahead of Adren, but then Moe could not attend it so instead of once again, going to Adren they made a big search for a sub, which makes me wonder how this will work out, maybe there is a lot of awkwardness between the players, or just dislike, who knows. I do know that s1mple is not a fan of Adren, and when S1mple is not happy, things tend to not go too well. On one positive side, Liquid are going to be getting their IGL back here, however apparently he is not going to be calling here, instead Nitr0 will be taking that role, so we’ll see how that plans out. Honestly I just think Liquid are not ready for this, they have a lot of skill in that lineup, however given their current situation, they do not look ready on the playing field, they don’t look ready mentally and just in general, I could be completely wrong tho. This Liquid lineup I rate quite highly, best North American team for me, excluding the Brazilians obviously. Liquid online has been mixed, some good results here and there, and then they struggle vs Astral Authority and Noble, however manage to 16:1 and 16:4 CLG like, just inconsistency at it’s best it seems.

With Hellraisers it is not much different, this team on LAN? I don’t think so, just do not like them on LAN. Believe this team has internal issues, especially surrounding Oskar, I don’t think he likes his team too much at all to be honest, however Oskar is a player I really want to concenrate on here, he will be so so important for HR here, if he is having a quiet game, HR will probably lose, however if he can go nuts which we all know he can do, HR definitely can make work here. Also, S1mple knows these guys, so they may have some inside strats, we don’t really know for sure. I’d ask him but he is off steam. Overall for me this is a 60-40 in favor of Liquid. This is a BO1 and honestly, these can just come down to who is hitting their shots on the day and wins the pistol and what not, BO1’s I feel are going to be Liquid’s playing ground, their one map upset potential is huge with the amount of impact players they have, Hiko, Nitr0, S1mple, Elige and Koosta, however not for this event. Could really go either way, not the best of matches to be betting on but it is what it is. 

My odds = 60-40 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Liquid if under 67%, otherwise 2-3% HR

My advice = Same as my bet


My odds for this match: Liquid 60:40 HR

I don’t like betting on matches like this, but it might be a good opportunity for an underdog bet since Liquid’s odds are higher for some reason.

So Liquid couldn’t use koosta for this tournament since koosta qualified with Enemy (Selfless) and couldn’t play in any other teams, Liquid had to use adreN again and that’s the problem, they recently released him from the team and he might be completely careless about this tournament, he also won’t call for them as I believe Hiko will be the in game leader and it makes adreN useless since he’s just a bad player when it comes to aiming and stuff, he has a good knowledge and calling is the only thing he’s decent at.

About HellRaisers… Well, I’m no the biggest fan of them, always considered them as “onliners” since they used to perform better in the online matches, I’m quite surprised on how mediocre they are because their lineup seems to be really strong, the ukrainian duo of ANGE1 and kUcher + core of ex-nEophyte/Fraternitas – STYKO, Zero and oskar who’s by far the best player in the team, not very consistent on lan events sadly.

HellRaisers got better lately, they did well on the PGL Minor beating E-Frag, PENTA and PixelFire, they won the entire thing and looked pretty good there, they also attended Acer Predator Masters Finals around two weeks after the PGL Minor, and that’s where the inconsistency show up again, HellRaisers managed to beat Vexed in a nail biting series, lost two matches afterwards (0-2 FlipSid3, 1-2 Alternate Attax) and got eliminated from the tournament… That’s basically why I don’t like touching their matches.

So yea, this is basically a 50-50 match and could go either way, I’m playing the odds with my small bet on HellRaisers and would suggest doing the same, they have a good chance on taking this.

My odds for this match: Liquid 50:50 HR

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Tough game to call as adreN strikes me as the slightly bitter type and won’t be feeling good about playing with his team or helping them, although I guess he is helping himself, so perhaps he won’t mind. Also with nitr0 having been calling with James lately it will be interesting to see if they let adreN call again, or they will make him just be a player and do nothing else. Also, s1mple has been moved around a bit and has been rifling, so I will be curious to see who will AWP for them.

HR are a team that doesn’t really feel like a team, yet they have done better than I would of thought in a lot of games, especially some LAN ones. Oscar publicly calling out his team for raging on twitter is not something that will go down well, and he is a player who needs to make more of an impact. He seems to get a lot of kills, but a lot of low impact ones which is strange for an AWP.

I find this game hard to call as it could really go either way. With HR just arriving in the USA today they will for sure be tired and jet lagged, which can cause tiredness and bad moods, and in a team that is already fiery, a bad start today could see the end of it for them. As the odds are how they are right now, I would suggest going LOW on Liquid, but I don’t feel that good about either side.

My odds for this match: Liquid 60:40 HR

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