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Liquid vs. OG at CEVO Predictions

Liquid recently qualified for MLG Columbus Major, can’t give them too much credit for it as all they did was beating HellRaisers, they still lost the first match and barely came back in the second series. Liquid are in a tough spot right now, they have to practice with adreN for MLG Columbus and with koosta for other tournaments, recently they beat compLexity 16-4 on both maps so their current form is still great.

OpTiC is arguably the second best team in North America, OpTiC had few hiccups lately but overall have been doing great, beat teams like AGG, Enemy eSports, SPLYCE, NRG eSports and played few extremly close matches against Tempo Storm, Cloud9 and Winterfox. OpTiC is a very specific team, they favor a fast paced style which seems to be their biggest strength, it could work very well against Liquid’s double awp setup.

Liquid didn’t have much time to practice with koosta, he joined the team few weeks ago and Liquid had to play with adreN in the major qualifier, I’m sure they didn’t prepare specifically for this match against OpTiC and will just try to play it out with their default strats, unlike OpTiC, they had a ton of time to prepare and I’m sure they did. The odds for this match are just ridiculous, OpTiC have a great shot on taking this match, should be around 40% for them.

My odds for this match: Liquid 60:40 OpTic Gaming

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Move aside, Liquid’s #1 fanboy coming through here. Jokes aside, well, reality, ahm I feel like this is a game that Liquid should be taking here. Liquid are simply stacked in my opinion, they have a lot of great players who can simply go off at any moment, and I feel like the more time they spend together with eachother, the better they will get of course. Right now, skill wise they out perform OpTic, however all it takes is for some of the Liquid guys to be off point and that is where the skill victory collapses. With Liquid it is tricky, I have no idea how they are practicing considering they have Koosta playing here, however Adren for the major, so do they have like individual practice sessions or what? Do they not practice with Koosta? I’ve no idea. Honestly I am not a big fan of OpTic as a team, I do not think they are very good, however hey, they are getting the results so I reckon you have to show them some sort of respect here. They have good players in that lineup, however they themselves depend a bit too much on them being on form, If NAF, Rush and Shahz are having an off game here, it’s basically gg here. Stanislaw I sometimes strongly question his overall game sense and what not, Daps is hit or miss, mostly miss as he is the IGL, Shahzam either goes god mode or just completely missing, and same with NAF. These guys have the potential to upset Liquid here, they have some good results in the past and have been a team for quite some time ,so chemsitry wise they are ahead of Liquid, howeve reehhh.. They are really heavy underdogs at the moment meaning that my bet will most likely go on them here, even tho I am a Liquid fan, so lets hope I guess. 65-35 in favor of Liquid here. This is a tricky game so be careful. Expect Liquid to win but you never know, and well I hope they win.


5% Liquid here if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% OpTic in the hopes of an upset.

My odds = 65-35 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Liquid if under 72%< otherwise 2-3% OpTic

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Liquid 65:35 OpTic Gaming

Alright so overall Liquid are the way better team, they got rid of adren and koosta is now playing for them. Their most recent match with koosta was against CoL and they absolutely stomped them in a BO3. The scorelines were far from close and all 5 players were on point. Liquid seem extremely hard to beat as of now and may be considered top1 in NA (excluding LG).

OpTic seem to be back after the slump they had at Minor, recently they were able to beat some pretty good teams and managed to get 1 map against Tempo Storm. Overall OpTic are a really good team and have the potential to upset top NA teams, IMO they are considered a top NA team themself as they surely have the fragging power of being one.

A match that has been played in the past and all felt somewhat easy for Liquid, that was also with adren and as of now, this Liquid seems way stronger than back then. s1mple also didn’t play back then. This will be a BO3 and Liquid have to ban Inferno as it’s OpTic’s best map, once they did, they should be favoured on the remaining 6 maps, they are the better team overall and I think they should be able to 2-0 here.

Medium (8%) on Liquid when -75% for Liquid | Low (3%) on OpTic when +75% for Liquid

My odds for this match: Liquid 70:30 OpTic Gaming

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