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Liquid vs. Renegades at ESL Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


This time around the map of choice between these two is Dust2, this is the second match between them. I am a strong believer that like almost all teams know how to play Dust2, sure maybe not highly extreme in-depth executes and what not, however come on, it’s Dust2. Dust2 is notorious for being a pug map and where upsets happen mainly due to the pug style and how everybody knows the its and bits of the map. The two guys you have to keep tabs on here is Koosta and Yam, now, Koosta historically has had very good performances on this map, and an AWP is really crucial here and can win yout he map, not to mention that S1mple can pick it up too and run a very powerful dual setup here which can shut down Renegades. On the otherside, Yam, this is not a map that he has historically enjoyed, when Yam is on fire he is an animal, complete beast however he can be really quiet at times and since this historically is not his map, it is a worrying factor here. I am not sure who I would favor on this map here, like advantage wise, the skill gap obviously has to go to Liquid, however is Renegades tactically better on it? Eeh I’m not sure, I don’t think there is a major difference between these two on Dust2. These two did play the map a month ago which Liquid won 16:10, even with Yam top fragging. Overall, tricky to call however gotta be 65-35 once again here, this is Dust2 so upsets are very prone, so be careful here. I can definitely see Renegades doing damage here if their players show up.


5% Liquid if below 75%. otherwise 2-3% Renegades here.

My odds = 65-35 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet =??5% Liquid if below 75%. otherwise 2-3% Renegades

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Liquid 65:35 Renegades

Option 2Bet Renegades if odds 25% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

The second map here is D2, a map that Liquid are strong on, but can also struggle on a bit. One key point was what I mentioned in the previous prediction. Nitr0 is back to fragging again, and focusing on that, and this should improve the Liquid side. Renegades looked honestly poor on D2 yesterday, but overall are decent on the map. C9 just had that little bit more that carried them through at the end. Liquid are doing a lot worse than Renegades right now in the Pro League, and they really need to take both these games. I would suggest going on Liquid again here, as I feel they will just have a little too much in the key rounds to take this. This is incredibly close though, and if things go above 75%, ICB on Renegades.

My odds for this match: Liquid 65:35 Renegades

Option 2ICB the underdog

ICB: Inventory Clearing Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of skins you don't mind losing.


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