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Uprise Champions Cup

Best Of 3


Winner Godsent
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Method vs. Godsent at Uprise Champions Cup Predictions

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There is no doubt that GODSENT are the clear favorites here, they had a great run on Dreamhack Masters Malmo where they beat Gamers2, CLG, mousesports and had an extremely close match against NiP in the semi final, who knows, maybe GODSENT would even win the entire event if they didn’t choke against NiP, either way, they are playing an excellent CS and definitely deserve credit for that.

PiTER or ex-Method is not a very good team, they just lost one of their best players (Spaz) which made the team even worse, even with the full lineup I don’t think they would stand a chance against GODSENT and now with a stand in there is no way the win a best of three, I mean PiTER is a team that used to lose against terrible unknown teams and rarely had any close matches against tier 2 teams, they are simply not very good.

GODSENT will definitely win here, I would be very surprised if PiTER took a map off of them, should be a quick and easy 2-0.

My odds for this match: Method 15:85 Godsent

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So when DH Malmo was going on and Godsent was having this really impressive run, I already had in my head ”Make sure to tell everybody to be careful with Godsent LAN is different to online and Godsent, or Ancient have struggled online in the past and should not be overhyped”, however I mean they are facing off versus a just dropped by their organisation, a team who the best player, Spaze just left them and are just looking like a mess. Method is not a horrible side, not at all however they never really lived up to the potential and hype that was initially placed on them, may it be because Waylander left them we will never know, however yeah they are looking dire now. BO3 like this maybe I can see Method taking a map if Godsent start slow since just back from a LAN, however two should be too much. Not much to say here, 85-15 in favor of Godsent here.


15% Godsent here, obviously if your 15% is above 300$ so you get a return.

My odds = 85-15 Godsent

My risk = High

My bet = 15% Godsent

My advice = 15% Godsent.

My odds for this match: Method 15:85 Godsent

Method have had remarkably good practice coming into this match, losing their best player will surely help them to take this game today. Too much sarcasm? Probably. Losing spaze to Gambit is a massive blow for this side, who already been struggling lately. He is potentially the best upcoming CIS player, and should do well in Gambit. Now, the slight concern with this game is of course the players recently back from LAN, with all that travelling and so forth. The good part is, the LAN was in Sweden, so potentially they won’t be THAT tired from the trip. Honestly, I find it hard to believe Godsent will lose this game, and you should throw your skins at it, if you can afford too. There is a slight risk, as with all games, but this being a BO3, should be relatively safe for Godsent.

My odds for this match: Method 20:80 Godsent


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