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mouz vs. Dignitas at ESL Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

This is the first map between these two teams tonight on cobble.

This is a really hard match to call because the last two times mouz have met dignitas on cobble they’ve been outplayed and beaten 16-3 and 16-4. This was back in January though when dignitas were in a really good bit of form and mouz had a decent game against Flipsid3 on cobble 2 days ago so they may have improved their cobble a bit since. One thing to bare in mind though is that it is the week before majors and you have to feel that mouz are going to be keeping some tactics back now.

Dignitas looked pretty flat in their last 2 games against Astralis which was expected to be honest but beat ex-vexed (AGG) on cobble 2 days ago 16-8 and looked pretty strong against them. They also looked really strong against HR on the same day beating them 2-1 but actually lost against them on cobble so its hard to get a good read.

I think that dignitas have the edge here and would recommend a small bet on them if their odds go below around 55%. Otherwise I would advise skipping and keeping your skins for another match because this one is super risky.

My odds for this match: mouz 40:60 Dignitas

Option 1Bet Dignitas if odds 55% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


This one is a tricky one. This is the first map between these two and the map will be Cobblestone. Now the last two times these two have played eachother on Cobblestone, Dignitas has heavily demolished Mouz, like 16:4 style. Now this was 2 months ago however, and since then Dignitas has kinda fallen off a bit, especially recently while Mouz seems to have picked up their pace, until recently once again however. Mouz is going to the major in a week which could mean they will not bother much here, however only time will tell. Of course Mouz lost out to F3 on Cobble a few days ago, however Nex and Niko had a very uncommon poor performance which could explain why, and in general Mouz just looked off, they should be improved here however if they are not bothering before the major, not much that we can do. Eitherway, for me this is a 55-45 in favor of Dignitas, I think that Mouz is the better team overall, however given the circumstances, gotta give advantage to Dignitas.


3% Dig if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% Mouz here.

My odds = 55-45 Dig

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Dig if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% Mouz

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: mouz 45:55 Dignitas

Option 2Bet mouz if odds 40% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

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Anon Skip

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