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mouz vs. Fnatic at ESL Predictions

2nd map is going to be Dust2 and this is obviously Mousesports’s best map along with Mirage. They are incredibly strong here, especially when both chrisJ and nex are on point they seem unbeatable. This is a really rare occasion though as it’s normally just chrisj or just nex performing well but it’s still their best map.

Fnatic are currently the best team in the world on this map just like many other maps. They seem unbeatable here and haven’t lost a single match on it this entire year. Since the addition of dennis they literally seem unbeatable on it. Only one team came incredibly close to beating them on this map and that was indeed, Mousesports.

So yeah, Mousesports was the only team who were able of making it incredibly close against Fnatic on this map and maybe they should have won it as well. Fnatic won 19-17 in OT thanks to Olofmeister going ham. The thing in this match was, none of Mousesports’s players were really on point, it was just NiKo dropping a 40 bomb, denis had 26 frags and the remaining 3 players all had below 20 frags and yet they came this close. Imagine when chrisj and nex also dropped a 30 bomb, they would have won the map. Now, this is pretty much and I can see, them upsetting on this map as well, if Mousesports won’t upset on Cache then they might be able to do it here. Mousesports definitely have the strength to give Fnatic’s first loss on this map. Let’s go with an ICB on Mousesports once again.

My odds for this match: mousesports 35:65 Fnatic

Mouz played fnatic on this map just the other week, and they eventually lost it in OT after a monster performance from NiKo. It was a game mouz HAD to win, and it was incredibly close, and they really should have won it in the end. Fnatic right now are simply put in a tier of their own above everyone else, and go into this game the heavy favourites. I do feel that mouz deserve higher odds, because of their performance against fnatic on this map. They showed that when they are on form they can compete, and if fnatic aren’t on point today, mouz have a chance. ICB on them here.

My odds for this match: mousesports 35:65 Fnatic

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