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mouz vs. FSid3 at ELeague Predictions

I totally don’t understand the current odds here, FlipSid3 already played two maps against mousesports two days ago and they looked way better, FlipSid3 won 16-6 on cobblestone and had a very good lead on train but choked and lost in overtime, they should have won 2-0 but still looked better than mousesports, sadly their next matches didn’t look that well, FlipSid3 got wrecked by EchoFox on nuke but stomped them on train, also lost both maps against Na’Vi.

mousesports had better results so far as they managed to beat Na’Vi 16-6 on mirage, but lost 6-16 on cobble, also beat EchoFox on both maps however these matches were extremely close, it seems like the atmosphere in mousesports’ team is very bad when they start losing rounds, if you actually watched ELEAGUE’s stream you could hear them screaming at eachother all the time after losing stupid rounds, I can understand that because losing stupid rounds is kind of depressing, it could be the reason of their poor performance on cobblestone agianst both FlipSid3 and Na’Vi.

So mousesports is definitely a better team, but both teams looked just as good so far, I fel like either team could take it especially because FlipSid3 wrecked mousesports already, the odds are also stupid as I already mentioned so betting on mousesports makes no sense now, especially because we don’t know the maps yet and it just makes everything even harder, either way, I’d go with FlipSid3 for now, seems like the only reasonable bet.

My odds for this match: mousesports 55:45 FSid3

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Should be a really good game. The maps are out already and they are Overpass, Cache and Train. Looking at the maps, you have to say they are pretty even. Overpass is a map that heavily favours Fside, but mouz are not THAT bad on it, and have put up good results on it before, including a win against Fside. The second map is almost a guaranteed win for mouz. I don’t see them losing this map at all, and I can see it being something like 16-6. The 3rd map being Train is interesting, as they played on it already and Fside should have closed it out, but threw 3 match points. If they had taken this game, to do the 2-0 over mouz, I think the odds would be a lot different now. If Fside can take Overpass, this game is a 50-50, and because of this I will give mouz the slight edge, but play the odds here.

My odds for this match: mousesports 60:40 FSid3

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Option 1Bet mousesports if odds 60% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

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