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mouz vs. Na’Vi at ELeague Predictions


Like always, just going to copy paste since there is only so much you can add to these back to back BO1’s, But like always, you will probably know the map by now so use that to adjust your odds for this one, and watch the first one to see how teams are playing, take it with a pinch of salt though since BO1’s tend to be random

This is a tough one. No idea in what form Na’Vi are coming into this since we literally last time we saw them play was a month ago in a final that they lost to VP, and well then a week they played a showmatch vs VP and lost again, however they had no GuardiaN and it is a showmatch so not too much emphasis on that result. On the other hand side Mouz like are coming in from a 16;1 victory over G2 who are super hot themselves right now, so that’s that. Matches between these two are usually quite close and can go either way, obviously you would favor Na’Vi here because they are the better team, however Mouz is not far off, at all, especially in a BO1 like this where they have key played who can just take over the server, eg Niko. This match is essentially who gets to be 1st in the group and face EchoFox in the playoffs haha, so quite a big stake here honestly. I do see Na’Vi winning this, but only because they are the better team here, and not even by that much. Form favors Mouz. Also it was recently going around that Seized has fixed his VISA problems, so that is a huge morale boost I believe since before he was risking a 2 year playing ban or something like that which is a nono. Overall, 60-40 Na’Vi here.


3% Na’Vi under 67%, otherwise 3% Mouz

My odds = 60-40 Na’Vi

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Na’Vi under 67%, otherwise 3% Mouz

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: mousesports 40:60 Na’Vi

Option 2Bet mousesports if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Mouz looked terrible on this map just a minute ago, and although Navi have had some poor losses on it before, it would take mouz to improve an INSANE amount for them to take this one. I just don’t see it happening, they looked really poor on their T side and honestly looked clueless, and were just relying on NiKo to make some impact in drop and then work off that. This is not a long term strategy that will work against top tier sides, and this is one reason why I don’t see Navi losing this game.

My odds for this match: mousesports 30:70 Na’Vi

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Option 2Bet mousesports if odds 30% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

So it seems like the first map (Mirage) will go in favor of mousesports as they are destroying Na’Vi right now, but cobblestone is a map that statistically should favor Na’Vi, not only that but also the fact that mousesports got demolished by FlipSid3 on this map today, they looked really bad and it wasn’t even caused by losing the aim duels because mousesports were doing well with that, it’s more like mousesports had no idea what to do, nothing was working out for them, I just wish we could see few more CT rounds to see if that’s their stronger side, but they lost the pistol and the match was pretty much over.

Na’Vi are not that good on cobblestone, they’ve been losing against weaker teams on that map, but their results are looking better than mousesports’, for example Na’Vi managed to beat fnatic, ENVYUS, Virtus.pro and FlipSid3 on that map, also beat mousesports in the previous encounter, however it was over three months ago during IEM Katowice 2018, so I wouldn’t really count that to be honest.

I honestly feel like Na’Vi will stomp them here, they seem to be better on that map and mousesports got wrecked by WorldEdit today, now they are up against GuardiaN who’s way better, making it to the bombsite will me extremely hard for them.

My odds for this match: mousesports 35:65 Na’Vi

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