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mouz vs. YP at MLG Predictions


So YouPorn is going to have two standins for this tournament, Innocent and Szpero in place of Dima and Sotfik. Feel like the two fishiest, or well at least Sotfik avoided the LAN here but what do I know. So yes online YouPorn has been making all sorts of scenes happen, been really horrible for the longest time, then just come out of nowhere with crazy upsets vs Ancient, CSGL and what not, then just completely fall off again, I’ve just no idea what to think of this team. This team is not horrible, not by any means however I think given the two standins going in completely unprepared, or well somewhat unprepared and the fact that I think YP are onliners, or well at least the majority of them, I think they will struggle here, especially since they are coming up against Mouz. Innocent and Szpero are two players I actually like, obviously they play for CSGL and when on form, these two can be really nuts. Szpero really stands out because it seems whenever he is hitting his shots for CSGL, they always seem to do quite well, so watch out for him here. Innocent is apparently calling for this event, so that will be interesting too. Honestly, Mouz should really win this, however at the same time Mouz is the same team that will lose matches like these, their consistency is just not there. Mouz has been showing promising online results however, so that is something to go off by here. Overall, 80-20 Mouz here.


Never a fan of going high on BO1’s, ever ever, think they are too random. So medium is the answer here! Plus the standin situation makes it difficult. Eitherway, 10% on Mouz if under 87%, otherwise skip/ICB YP.

My odds = 80-20 Mouz

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% Mouz if under 87%, otherwise skip/ICB YP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: mousesports 80:20 YP

YP on LAN? I aren’t think that. This game even with the full roster for YP should be a fairly easy win for mouz. They are by far the better side, have better players, better teamwork, and of course actually have their main 5 at the event. YP with 2 guys from CSGL, have not really played with them and they will be more hoping for something to happen, other than expecting it. Mouz will go into this game the heavy favourites and rightfully so. This is still a BO1, and we know mouz can be a little shaky, so only go MED here as anything more in a BO1 would be crazy.

My odds for this match: mousesports 70:30 YP

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Pretty straight forward match, YP will be playing with two stand ins as well for this qualifier and the stand ins aren’t necessarily downgrades but you never want to play with stand ins overall because that will bring the team chemistry down. Mousesports should be able to win this one quite easily and I suggest a medium bet on them.

Pick: Mousesports

Bet: Medium on Mousesports 10%


My odds for this match: mousesports 80:20 YP

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