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2018/09/20 18:10 UTC

Winner mousesports
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s1mple GuardiaN flamie Edward seized
oskar Niko denis Spiidi chrisJ

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Natus Vincere vs. Mousesports Predictions

Second map for this matchup and this time I feel like mousesports should have a slight edge here, they did have a couple of really bad matches on dust2 in August, but stepped it up recently and managed to take down FaZe and ENVYUS in two very convincing matches, the ones they lost were also quite close so it’s not like mousesports played that bad there. I’m also impressed with how good mousesports seems to be after replacing their coach, 16-3 against FaZe on mirage is something I’d never expect to be honest.

Na’Vi didn’t look too hot on dust2 yet, they played three matches on that map and managed to beat Gamers2, then lost to Astralis and NiP, they still did fine, the loss against Astralis was in overtime so it’s not like Na’Vi got wrecked there, also got double digits against NiP, not too bad, but as I said, mousesports just looked better and on top of that Na’Vi also got wrecked on Starladder and didn’t make it out of the groups, so let’s just say they are a bit overhyped at the moment.

Small bet on mousesports, this match is pretty much 50/50 and the odds are very good.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 45:55 mousesports

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Navi are going through a transitional period at the moment, with them changing roles and spots and it will be a while before we see the real Navi. Mouz have been bootcamping hard and their results during it have been decent for the most part. They are still a bit inconsistent but that times time. So we have two sides who are trying new things and this should be a good game. Looking at the maps, Overpass and D2. You would have to say Overpass heavily favours Navi, with d2 being a lot closer. I do fancy the chances for mouz on it though and because of these reasons I will go LOW on Navi for Overpass, and LOW on mouz for D2.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 50:50 mousesports

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