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2018/09/21 17:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi
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s1mple GuardiaN flamie Edward seized
stfN mikeS kRYSTAL loWel tahsiN

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Natus Vincere vs. PENTA Predictions


Going to try a new style for these ESL BO1 x2 to get them out faster and what not. First map between these two is Cobblestone and second is Overpass. Now Na’Vi realistically should be taking this series 2-0 however Penta…oh Penta. The last time Penta played Cobble they nearly upset G2, it ended 16:14! Madness 😛 Penta also upset Astralis yesterday so you can’t count them out at all, however they should be losing matches like this. Na’Vi hasn’t been the hottest, however they haven’t been the hottest versus some of the best teams in the world, Penta isn’t necessarily in that bracket. Na’Vi here team wise, map wise and individually and pretty much in every aspect that isn’t speaking German, are better than Penta here and should be winning this 2-0 😛 The thing with Penta is, they will pull out upsets like the G2 result, like the Astralis win yesterday, however then they will go to play versus like Tricked or Alpha and get rekt, I just don’t understand. Seized has started calling for Na’Vi which I find….interesting and S1mple secondary AWP which is of course to be expected, he’d probably make a phenomenal main AWP’er for them like he did with Liquid at stages. These things should not matter too much as Na’Vi should be able to out skill and just out play Penta here. 70-30 Na’Vi. They should win both maps, but go low since it still is high risk


5% Na’Vi

My odds = 70-30 Na’Vi

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Na’Vi

My advice = 5% Na’Vi

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 70:30 Penta

I still wake up in the night sometimes with nightmares about when I maxed on Navi vs Penta on Cobble and they actually lost. I have learnt my lesson by now and will try to avoid this same mistake again. Navi vs Penta on of course, on Cobble and Overpass, are first up today. Navi have been changing their roles a lot and are still finding their feet as a result, but they did look really strong on Overpass the other day and could have potentially taken the 2nd map too. Penta have been pretty up and down. They surprised and took a map off astralis, but then got destroyed on the other map. I still have not gotten over my max bet heartache, so I will go ICB on Penta for Cobble, and LOW on Navi for Overpass.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 70:30 Penta

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