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Will be a hard game for both sides with really different styles. It will come down to the map a LOT to be honest, and FaZe need to end up on the right map for them to have a chance here. They would love to get Cache, but there is 0% chance of that as Navi will 100% veto it. The other maps they have a chance on would be Train, D2, Inferno, and perhaps Mirage if they could have a really strong T side. All of these maps they kind of need the same thing, and if I was FaZe, I would personally try and get Inferno, as their T side being strong on a map like that, could be really good.

With the odds currently how they are, the only logical thing to do in a BO1, is to go LOW on FaZe. I think if the map is Inferno, they will have their best bet. The map will be announced before the match starts, so look out for that on HLTV, and then bet accordingly and either switch your bet, or bet closer to the time. If the map is one that heavily favours Navi, then you should either go on them or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 60:40 FaZe


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